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IRFU Tag Laws


Following feedback and consultancy with referees, players and Venue Managers, a number of law amendments are being implemented for the 2019 season. The new Laws of IRFU Tag document can be downloaded HERE as PDF.

Law Amendments include amongst others..

The Kick-Off & Restart
The ball is to be placed on the centre of the Halfway line. The kick must go 10 metres & bounce in the field of play. The scoring team will use this kick to restart the game.

The Drop-Out
The Drop Out, is a Drop Kick on a team's own try line and occurs from the following situations:
- When a player is in possession of the ball and passes the ball back behind his/her own try line or carries the ball back behind own try line and gets tagged.
- From a kick-off, If the ball is going over the try line & the ball hits off a player en route, then a dropout results
The Drop Kick must go 10 metres & must land in the field of play.

Spinning 360 is now permitted in all leagues & levels of the game. However, if contact is initiated a penalty will result.

Kicking in General Play
If the grubber kick crosses the defending teams try line, a changeover occurs, 5 metres out from where the ball crossed the try line.

Sin Bin
A player shown a yellow card will be temporarily suspended for 4min in a 40min game & 2 mins in a 15 min game.

Further amendments can be found in Appendix Summary of IRFU Tag Laws document

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