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Mini Rugby

Leprechaun Rugby is a fast and exciting modified-contact game of ‘touch’ rugby designed to assist general physical development, to play an important role in ‘games concepts’ programmes and to introduce the game of Rugby Union to children in a very simplified form and is the formal introductory game to Mini Rugby.

The non-tackling, soft-contact nature of Leprechaun Rugby allows it to be played by males and females as a mixed activity, irrespective of size, age or ability.

Leprechaun Rugby aims to encourage the positive development of running and handling skills. Handling skills can be developed along with similar skills in sports such as netball and basketball but the new concept is that of only passing backwards, as in traditional Rugby. The concept of set plays should also be established through the modified scrum, maul and line-out situations. Because the game relies on skill rather than physical size and strength, it places a greater emphasis on team-work and support play.

There are some basic laws for Leprechaun Rugby but FLEXIBILITY is the keyword. The game can be played by any number of players and the size of the pitch can be increased or reduced in ratio to the numbers playing. Leprechaun Rugby can be played on a variety of surfaces: grass, asphalt/tarmac, artificial turf or in sports halls.

Leprechaun Rugby should be free-flowing, fast and exciting. Its most essential feature is one of ENJOYMENT. With the re-introduction of Leprechaun Rugby, players will become part of the worldwide ‘Rugby Family’ rich in tradition and inspired by the features of friendship, camaraderie and enjoyment.

Leprechaun Rugby Coaching Courses

Certified Courses can be organised through the Branch Rugby Development Offices in the four Provinces.


To prepare students, teachers & coaches to introduce the game & develop the fundamental skills of Leprechaun rugby.


1. Understand the aims and characteristics of Leprechaun rugby
2. Understand the laws of Leprechaun rugby
3. Understand the essence & characteristics of the FUNdamental stage of LTPD
4. Be able to introduce and teach (& refereee) Leprechaun rugby and its constituent skills
5. Be able to plan, organise and manage a Leprechaun rugby session

Certificate Criteria

1. Full course attendance
2. Sign the IRFU Code of Ethics

Course Duration: 5 hrs