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Parents & Guardians

Minis Rugby team group

Parents are hugely influential when it comes to young people’s participation in sport. In most cases they are the reason their child starts playing and young people often state how their parents watching them play is a source of enjoyment to them.

The positive encouragement and support of your child can’t be over emphasised. How you behave and what you say will have huge impact on how your child experiences the game.

Even when you are vigilant and the club operates to a high standard situations can arise that cause concern. Should this be the case, follow the safeguarding reporting policy to ensure issues are dealt with appropriately.

If Age-Grade Players have your support they are likely to be self-confident enough to raise any issues that they have with you or the club.

If you play your part in overseeing your child’s rugby journey it is likely that they will remain involved in the game for many years.

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