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Aviva Stadium

The following video, in accordance with the Aviva Stadium Ground Rules / Regulations, gives guidelines on the bag policy for rugby games in the Aviva stadium.

Getting To The Stadium

If you are travelling to the stadium on Match Day please take note of the following points and check out the information online

  • The entry points to the stadium for ticket holders will be colour coded – either red, green, orange, blue or purple – with each colour designating the route that needs to be taken to access the stadium.
  • On matchdays there will be a cordon around the stadium and fans can only access this cordon via a route indicated on the ticket.
  • Fans should also note that there is no parking around the stadium. There will, however, be enhanced DART services to the stadium.
  • A vehicle exclusion zone will be in place two hours prior to an event for non residents.
  • Supporters are also requested to leave by the same colour coded route to ensure there is no congestion and are urged to work out their route in advance, to use public transport if possible and, above all, to arrive early to enjoy the facilities of the new stadium.
  • The IRFU and the Aviva Stadium also want to make supporters aware that the entry turnstiles into the stadium use automated technology.
  • All tickets will need to be swiped to open turnstiles and supporters are asked to keep their tickets safe and that they do not damage them to ensure they can gain admittance.