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Senior Coaching Course

Junior Rugby

Irish Rugby’s Senior Coaching Course is for coaches working with 15-a-side teams were players are aged 16+.

Principles of Play are developed through Key Factor Analysis and applied to individual skills, mini-unit skills, unit skills and team skills.

Coaches who complete the course are expected to be able to identify and rectify technical deficiencies in players. They will also have the ability to plan, organise, manage, communicate and develop the skills of their players through implementation of sport specific modules and other modules.

The course is designed to develop the coach in a ‘Challenger’ role.

Entry Criteria:

  • Participants must be 18 years of age
  • Participants must have proven rugby playing/coaching experience
  • Participants must be actively coaching a 15-a-side team of players aged 16+

Participant Numbers Per Course:

35 maximum/15 minimum

Accreditation Criteria:

  • Course Requirements – all attendees must ensure the following certificates are completed and uploaded to GAINLINE, the IRFU’s online education platform
    • World Rugby laws Module
    • World Rugby Concussion Awareness module
  • Details of GAINLINE and online modules will be available to anyone who registers for the course
  • Full course attendance is mandatory
  • All participants must undertake a personal coach mentoring session
  • All post-attendance course work is mandatory and must be uploaded to GAINLINE

The IRFU reserves the right to modify, replace or add to accreditation requirements in accordance with updates to Coach Development programmes.


  • The IRFU Coaching Accreditation Re-Validation programme is currently under development and due for launch in season 2020/21
  • It is envisaged that IRFU coaching accreditations will be re-validated on a 3 yearly basis provided coaches have fulfilled specific ‘Continuing Professional Development’ (CPD) requirements during that 3 year period from when they received their IRFU coaching accreditation
  • Such CPD requirements will vary by coaching level, and opportunities to build on existing IRFU coaching accreditations will be provided by way of provincial workshops, seminars and conferences as well as online resources aimed at promoting coach development in a more self-directed manner