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What is Aviva Mini Rugby?

Aviva Minis in action at the Aviva Stadium

The ethos of mini rugby is to foster and develop young players (boys & girls) of all ability in the game of rugby in a safe, non competitive, enjoyable environment through activities which ensure progressive skill development for all participants in line with the IRFU Long Term Player Development (LTPD) pathway, Safeguarding and the Spirit of Rugby.

Mini Rugby (Stage 1 Long Term Player Development)

Mini Rugby Regulations

IRFU Leprechaun and Mini Rugby Regulations 2018/19 season

IRFU Age Grade Regulations Overview 2018/19


Please visit www.irishrugby.ie/safguarding for information on the IRFU policy, vetting and best practice.

Code of Conduct

All participants in Mini Rugby are to adhere to all aspects of the IRFU Code of Conduct for Players / Coaches / Parents and Spectators.

Festivals/ Events and Blitz Days

Guideline Document

May only be arranged by application to the respective Branch Mini Rugby Committee. Age limit and stages must be confirmed prior to the start of event and clear indications should accompany all invitations. Club coaches / managers must be able to give proof of eligibility (Festival/ Event or Blitz day registration form) before his/her team’s first match in the event.

Before the start of the event a referees/ coaches briefing must take place to clarify all arrangements e.g. stages, format of play and safety. Should there be any concerns over safety (e.g. ability to scrum) matches will then be played at the next lower stage.


Mini Rugby is a participation sport and the date of eligibility for participants is the 1st January (see Regulations Document for full guidelines).

Players playing in a higher age category

Written permission must be obtained from the Branch Youth Committee prior to players playing in a higher age category.