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IRFU Committee

IRFU Committee

The Irish Rugby Football Union is the governing body for the sport of Rugby Union on the island of Ireland. Each affiliated rugby club or school nominates a member to their provincial branch committee and each branch elects members to the IRFU Committee.


Nicholas (Nicky) Comyn

Vice Presidents

Des Kavanagh, John Robinson

Honorary Treasurer

Tom Grace

Chairman of Management Committee

Declan Madden

Immediate Past President

Ian McIlrath

Committee Profiles

Click here for profiles of the IRFU Committee

Standing Committees 2019/20

The President and Chairman of the Management Committee are automatically on every committee.


D. Madden, T. Grace (Hon. Treasurer), N. Comyn (President), J. O’Driscoll (WR), T. O’Beirne (NPGB), D. Devaney (C&M), G. Barrett (Rugby Dev.), P.R. Browne (CEO), J. McKibbin (Co-opted), in attendance, D. Kavanagh, K. Potts, D. Nucifora and S. McNamara.


T. Grace, A. Leddy, J. Gibson, M.P. Coghlan, J. Robinson, D. Madden, P.R. Browne, K. Potts, C. O’Brien, F. O’Rourke (Co-opted) and L. Quinn (Co-opted).

Commercial and Marketing

D. Devaney, T. Grace, M. Collopy, P.R. Browne, T. O’Beirne, P. Power, S. McNamara, P. Dean (Co-opted), F. Sweeney (Co-opted).

National Professional Game Board

T. O’Beirne, G. Barrett, K. Dinneen, K. Keane, B. Gavin, F. Sowman, D. Millar, E. Reddan (Co. opted), G. Keegan (Co-opted), M. Kearney (Co-opted), P.R. Browne, D. Nucifora.

Rugby Committee

G. Barrett, J. McKibbin, J. Robinson, M. Quinn, N. Rynne, K. Dinneen, M. Collopy, D. Kavanagh, C. McEntee and K. Beggs. At Four meetings per season, the Chairs of the Provincial Rugby Committees and the Exiles Representative will attend to monitor and report on the Strategic Plan.

Sub Committees Reporting To The Union Season 2019/20

Note: Additions will be made through co options and appointments by the Rugby Committee particularly around Women’s representation on all Sub Committees.


M. Quinn, J. Gibson, A. Leddy, M. Orr and Co-options from the relevant Provincial Committees.

IRFU Women’s Advisory Group

N. Comyn, M. Quinn, S. Carty, P.R. Browne.

Age Grade Rugby

J. Robinson. The Chairs of the IRFU Schools and Youths and the 4 Chairs of Provincial Age Grade Committees. C. McEntee, E. Hogan.

Schools Committee

N. Rynne, S.W. Black, C. McEntee, E. Hogan and 4 Chairs of the Provincial Schools’ Committees.

Youths Committee

A. Leddy, J. Sheerin, E. Hogan and 4 Chairs of the Provincial Youth Committees.

Rugby Operations Committees 4

M. Collopy.

Budget/Audit Reporting Review

J. Robinson, J. Gibson, J. McDermott.

Rugby Facilities

M. Collopy, S.W. Black, S. Carty, M.P. Coghlan, J. Sheerin, K. Beggs.

Clubhouse Project

N. Rynne, D.C. Millar, J. McDermott, K. Beggs.

AIL Promotions Men’s /Women’s

J. McDermott, A. Leddy, M. Orr, R. Foley, C. McEntee, A.M. Hughes.


M. Orr, J. Gibson, M. Collopy, K. Beggs, D. Phillips, H. O’Reilly and a representative from each Province.

Laws and Regulations of the Game

G. Barrett, M. Quinn, M.P. Coghlan, K. Dinneen, M. Orr, J. McKibbin, J. Robinson, C. McEntee, D. Phillips, D. McPhillips, K. Beggs.

Competitions – AIL and National Competition

J. McKibbin, N. Rynne, K. Beggs, L. Byrne (Women AIL) and a nominee from each Province.

Third Level Committee

K. Dinneen, S. Carty, M. Orr, E. Hogan, D. Carrigy, K. Beggs, four representatives from I.U.R.U. and four from I.C.R.U. and a nominee from the relevant Committee of each Branch.

IRFU Junior Working Party

J. Sheerin, A. Leddy, and the Chairs of the Provincial Junior Committees.

IRFU Representatives

World Rugby:
J. O’Driscoll Lead Rep., P. Orr, S. Carty.

Six Nations:
P.R. Browne, P. Whelan.

E.P.C.R. Representatives:
P.R. Browne, M. Kearney.

Rugby Europe Representatives:
J. O’Driscoll, D. Nucifora.

Celtic Rugby:
K. Potts, P.R. Browne (Pro Tem.).

T. Grace, P.R. Browne.