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Spirit Of Rugby

The way we work with Age-Grade Players, how we behave around them and our attitudes towards them will contribute to the way young people feel about themselves. It is important that they, and their guardians, feel that their rugby experience is a fun and safe one.

An important step in ensuring this player-centred environment is the selection of appropriate Sports Leaders to work with young people.

All Age-Grade coaches/volunteers working on a regularly basis should be made aware of the IRFU Safeguarding Policy and after reading the document sign the Declaration of Intent below. All Age-Grade volunteers that assist on an occassional basis should read and agree to abide by the Code of Conduct within the IRFU Safeguarding policy, see below.

Vetting checks should also be completed where necessary.

While clubs are responsible for the recruitment of Sports Leaders, and the allocation of roles and areas of responsibility to them, the IRFU will support them through the provision of vetting checks.

Vetting should not be seen as a stand-alone procedure and should always be done in conjunction with the Declaration of Intent, (see below), commitment to training and adherence to this Safeguarding Policy.

Failure to comply with all aspects of club recruitment could result in a Sports Leader not being offered position within the Club / Branch / Union.

Republic of Ireland – All those involved in ‘relevant work’, that is work or activity that is carried out by a person, a necessary and regular part of which consists mainly of the person having access to, or contact with, children or vulnerable adults.

Northern Ireland – All those (in NI) who work in ‘regulated activity’, that is work or activity that involves teaching training, caring for and supervision of children ‘frequently’ (once a week or more) or ‘intensively’ (4 or more days in a 30-day period or overnight), must complete an enhanced vetting check.
This form can be completed online, (see below) but can only be processed on completion of an ID check with the CWO.

Parents who give lifts to rugby events come under the ‘occasional’ usage term and do not need to be vetted; likewise ‘appointed referees’ who do not work with the same teams on a regular basis. It is good practice to give such adults working with Age-Grade Players a Code of Conduct.

E-vetting is now in operation, see Garda Vetting Inviter Form and ANI forms below. The CWO, through the clubhouse registration system, must upload this form along with copies of your ID checks (Ireland) and/or ID verification (NI). Please follow the notes when completing the ID form to ensure the vet can be processed as quickly as possible. The forms will be stored securely by IRFU, after the club has gathered all relevant information.

A detailed explanation of the vetting process can be found in the IRFU Vetting Policy below.

If you have any questions please email vetting@irfu.ie