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Girls’ Youth Rugby

“I love rugby because of all the new friends I’ve made. It’s about teamwork, respect, hard work, dedication and enjoyment.” Elaine, aged 17 from Tullamore RFC

“I love playing rugby because it’s a sport for everyone.” Megan, aged 16 from Tullamore RFC

“I love playing rugby because I like to get out and about and away from the pressures of school. It doesn’t matter what size we are or whether we’ve played sport before” Kate, aged 16 from Tullamore RFC

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If you would like to try rugby then click here to find your nearest club.

Girls Age Bands

Girls’ youth rugby is split up in to three age bands, U13, U15 and U18. Some clubs will have all three teams, other may only have one/two of those listed.

The U13 age band is permitted to include girls who are U13 and U12. The U15 age band is permitted to include girls who are U15, U14 and those who have turned 13. The U18 age group may include girls who are U18, U17 and U16. These teams may play in both blitz and league/cup competitions. When there are not enough girls at one club to make up a team, many areas now have club clusters, where clubs join up for matches. This ensures girls have the opportunity to play regular matches.

The game at this stage progresses from reduced numbers to full XV’s at U18. At times, clubs may play Seven’s or 10 aside rugby as well as non-contact versions of the game.

For more information on the game at these age groups please download the Women’s Long Term Player Development documents below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear to training?

Anyone looking to give rugby a try should purchase a gum shield to wear when training/playing. After that, you should wear comfortable clothing, for instance, what you might wear when doing PE, going to the gym or participating in other sports activities, e.g. tracksuit/shorts. Football boots are recommended as most activity will take place on a grass pitch.

Will I be playing contact rugby?

All players introduced to rugby for the first time may start with non-contact games. When the coach sees fit, he/she may start to introduce the player to the contact element of the game. Non-contact versions of the game are available through Touch and Tag rugby.

How do I know I will like it?

As mentioned by the girls in the video, there are many reasons why you might enjoy playing rugby. For some it’s about making new friends and enjoyment while others enjoy the hard work and team work involved. ‘Give it a Try’ is all about trying something new and giving rugby a go to see if you like it.

Download Documents

Women’s Long Term Player Development – Stage 3

Women’s Long Term Player Development – Stage 4