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Lotto Funding

Girls enjoying a minis rugby festival

1. Prepare Club Development Plan. Put together a long term plan for the development of your club. In it outline the facilities you want to expand or introduce and how much money would be needed to achieve this. For example a typical three year plan could include, improvements to dressing rooms, new floodlights and pitch improvements.

Lotto Funding: Step by Step Guide for Clubs

2. Contact your provincial branch and obtain copies of successful applications for funding from other clubs in previous years for a guide to what will be needed.

3. Break up the project into three years and apply for funding year by year instead of all in one. However, each application must be a stand-alone project rather.

4. Apply for planning permission for the project. A receipt to prove you have applied will be needed with form. Six months after the funding is announced planning permission must be confirmed.

5. Get the bank to sign the form to confirm that you will be capable of raising 30% of the total finance needed. The split is 70/30 unless it’s a disadvantaged area in which case it would be 80/20.

6. Fill out forms which can be obtained directly from the department of Sports or on line at the their web sites. Use old applications as guidelines which can be obtained from the Provincial domestic Manager on request.

7. Consult the department and the provincial branch office for advice or with any queries. The Department are always keen to stress that they are not trying to catch clubs out and are happy to help them in whatever way they can.

8. The open date for new application is October / November and the deadline for applications is generally late January. Decisions and confirmation comes in June / July.

9. Successful applicants should operate on a one year time frame to have all details required sent to the Department of Sport and have started work on that project within the year.

10. Once funding is granted the department generally try to make 4/5 payments against invoices submitted. A total of 70% of invoice value will be paid out within ten days of submission.