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Affiliate Referees

Affiliate Referees

It is IRFU Policy that all matches from U13 upwards are refereed by:

• Branch Referees or
• IRFU Affiliate Referees

IRFU affiliate referees are defined as adult persons (Aged 16 to 59) who are qualified to referee matches involving a club or school to which they are affiliated, where no Branch referee has been appointed.

They usually referee age grade matches and provide an important function in servicing the game at this level in their club or school.

Affiliate Referees FAQ

The responsibility for the appointment of Affiliate Referees lies solely with the club or school to which they are affiliated.

No, Affiliate Referees can only affiliate to one club and/or one school.

They are appointed by the club or school to which they are affiliated. They can only referee games involving that club or school, home or away, age grade or adult.

Steps to becoming an Affiliate Referee

Step 1 Register on the World Rugby Passport site here, and complete the following modules:

Step 2 – Complete the online Affiliate Course.

**Note: This course is now closed for maintenance and will reopen to applicants in August 2024.

When completed and verified you will receive your accreditation from the IRFU.

How long will my accreditation last?

Accreditation will last for 2 years from the date you achieve the qualification. For example, if you qualify on 1 October 2024 your accreditation will expire on September 30 2026.

Please note that from time to time you may need to undertake further training on important law changes or safety management to keep your accreditation active. You will be notified of this by email.

  • Accreditation of referees they appoint must be in date. Qualification process can be completed at any time through the Gainline platform.
  • Appoint their best available affiliate referees.
  • Ensure sending-offs and other discipline matters are notified to their respective branch.
  • Keep a record of appointments made.

Following best practice ensures a safer and better structured playing environment for players.