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Touch Rugby

Touch Rugby

Touch is a fast paced fun game with simple playing rules. There is no hard physical contact and relies on teamwork and ball skills. It is suitable for players of all ages for both genders and mixed gender competitions. It is exciting to watch and fun to play.

Benefits of the Game to Players and Referees

Touch Rugby provides many benefits to players and referees.

  • Meet new friends.
  • Get fit.
  • Play a fun form of Rugby with no contact.
  • Join a club and become part of a community.
  • Explore pathways to other forms of the game.

Benefit of the Game to Clubs

• Busy clubhouse outside of regular rugby season – Revenue from bar, events, competitions

• Bigger profile of club – Builds mailing list which is used year-round, not just during summer

• New members
– People join club via subscription, attending regular season games, participating in club events etc
– Existing members or new members active in running of Touch join in similar activity during regular season
– Touch players contributing to Touch season as referee can take up regular 15-a-side refereeing having enjoyed the experience
– Touch players having enjoyed the summer form of the game, may sign up for other forms of rugby.
-Touch can be played all year round.

The IRFU enjoys a very successful relationship with the Ireland Touch Association (ITA).  We collaborate closely on a number of projects to ensure that Touch Rugby gets as much exposure as possible.

For more information on the Ireland Touch Association visit https://irelandtouch.ie/

If you wish to join a Touch Rugby in your Province, contact one of the clubs below in your province:


Buccaneers (Buccaneers RFC) (Athlone) deniso_connor@hotmail.com

Racoon West (Galway) (Based in Corinthians RFC) – rw.galwaytouchrugby@gmail.com

Westport RFC – westporttouchrugby@hotmail.com


DSC wanderers (Wanderers RFC) dsctouch@gmail.com

East Coast Touch (Wicklow) garryglenn@hotmail.com

Greystones RFC – (Female) pajnagle@hotmail.com 

Old Belvedere –  belvotouchrugby@gmail.com

Old Wesley – Touch@oldwesley.ie

Portlaois Touch (Portlaois RFC) –   john.fingleton@gmail.com

Suttonians RFC –  peter@rugbyinstitute.com

Tipsters (Based in DLSP RFC) – touchrugby@dlspfc.ie

Trinity College (Dublin University) – tcdtouch@gmail.com

Wicklow Touch smitroelie@gmail.com

Terenure RFC – imorgan@labeltech.ie

MU Barnhall RFC – jamesblakesmith@gmail.com


Munster Touch –  joecarrig18@gmail.com


Cooke Warriors (Cooke RFC) (Belfast) –  secretary@cooketouchclub.com

The Ireland Touch Association competes at international level across a wide range of ages and genders.  Below are some videos of the ITA in action in the recent European Touch Championships

Men’s Open | Gold Medal: Ireland vs England | European Championships 2022

Mixed 18 | South Africa vs Ireland | Atlantic Youth Touch Cup 2023

Ever wondered how Touch Rugby can help your club grow and thrive?  We caught up with Old Wesley RFC who have embraced Touch Rugby into their club and have seen massive benefits from opening their doors to people who wish to play non-contact forms of the game.

Q. I have never played any Rugby before, can I still play?
A. Of course you can! There is ‘no contact’ in Touch Rugby. It is easy to pick up as well as great fun. Touch Rugby clubs provide a series of lessons to prepare you to play the game.

Q. What do I need in order to play?
A. You don’t need any extra equipment to play Touch Rugby. You just need to wear what you would feel comfortable running around in.

Q. How many on a Touch team?
A. Six players are allowed on the field at any one time, with up to eight substitutes off the field. Reserves can be continuously substituted at any time from one side of the field.

Q. Am I automatically insured to play?
A. The IRFU recommends that each player undertake their own Personal Accident Insurance cover against any injury sustained from playing the game.

Q. Where do I find the rules of Touch Rugby?
A. You can download the latest version of the Rules of Touch Rugby HERE.

Q. Where can I find a basic page with the rules on it?
A. You can find a page with the basic rules and terminology HERE

Q. How do I sign up my team to participate?
A. You can find Touch Rugby in your Province on this page under Current Clubs.

Federation of International Touch – Federation of International Touch


European Federation of Touch – Federation of International Touch


Ireland Touch Association – https://irelandtouch.ie/