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#AnswerTheCall: Recruitment & Retention In Your Club

Answer The Call


#AnswerTheCall is an umbrella campaign to grow and develop the grassroots of the game around the excitement of Rugby World Cup 2023.

This education module is designed as a high-level overview of considerations and principles for recruitment and retention within your rugby environment.

It shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes to go through.

Module Objectives

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By the end of this module you may have a renewed appreciation of:

• Core marketing principles
• Genuine insights into recruitment and retention in rugby as provided by Irish Rugby stake holders
• How a values-based approach could be the key to unlocking your potential
• Some working examples of best practice in Irish Rugby

Who is this module for?

This module is for anyone with an interest in the principles of recruitment and retention in
Irish Rugby.
You could be part of a club development working group, you could be a coach or a director of rugby in a club or school who sees the need to grow player numbers looking to grow things, you could have a PR, marketing or communications role

The first thing to remember is, whatever your role, recruitment and/or retention campaigns require more than one person to be successful. It won’t happen without a collaborative approach across rugby, communications, administration and leadership stakeholders.

Consider sharing this module with anyone who you think has a role to play.

There is no existing expertise or previous experience required to make the most of this module.

The module is available through the IRFU Education portal – click here now.