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Andy Farrell Post-Match Press Conference At Eden Park

Andy Farrell Press Conference Image

Andy Farrell said that the Ireland dressing room is one ‘that will dust itself off, learn the lessons and attack next week’. He was speaking at the post-match press conference following the 42-19 defeat to New Zealand.

“It is not easy here but do we want it to be easy? I don’t know. We are here to test ourselves in all different types of manner,” he said.

Here to test ourselves as staff to see how we cope with five matches in three weeks, here to see whether our players have got excuses or not in regards to backing up, different ways of training, etc.

“Doing it that way, to me, makes us stronger as a group. It makes our culture stronger, our environment stronger, makes us ready for obstacles that are going to get in our way over the next 18 months.”

Farrell also said that Ireland will look at the breakdown and scrum ahead of next Saturday’s second Test against the All Blacks in Dunedin.