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Aldi Play Rugby To Pilot Virtual Sessions

Aldi Play Rugby Festival, Castlebar RFC, Co. Mayo 10/4/2019 A view of participants at today's festival Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

Aldi Play Rugby is to be made available to school children in a new setting through the piloting of a Virtual Sessions programme.

These virtual sessions offer a live coaching aid to teachers to help them keep children rugby active and deliver the #AldiPlayRugby Programme in schools.

Example: Relays

Expert coaches will be on hand throughout the process for a best practice introduction to the non-contact skills of rugby.

Teachers and children alike will also be able to connect with other schools and share their experiences through the virtual sessions.

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Aldi Play Rugby is a free initiative developed by the IRFU and supported by Aldi. The programme is a fun and safe way for primary school kids to get involved in playing rugby.

Example: Passing

Over 100,000 school children took part across 2019/20 while a new suite of modified offerings was rolled out in April 2021.

This new initiative will give children access to all the fun that rugby brings while supporting teachers in making it happen.

Colm Finnegan is the IRFU’s Children & Youth Development Manager:

“Parents, teachers, coaches and indeed governing bodies have all had to innovate to support children in  staying active and learning new skills in 2020,” he said. “Technology is now an essential tool in education and we’re looking to apply that to physical activity and the fun of picking up a rugby ball for the first time.

“It’s so important we support our teachers and this programme is designed to offer a helping hand, especially to those who would like to provide rugby opportunities for their pupils but may not be sure what best practise looks like.

“Aldi once again have been brilliant around this and these virtual sessions will offer the very best we’ve come to expect from the Aldi Play Rugby Programme.”

In addition to pre- and post-session briefings, fully qualified coaches will attend sessions virtually to provide technical coaching support and feedback where required and answer questions from coaches and players alike.

Each session is 30 minutes long and will feature a blend of run rugby and fundamental movement skills.

For more on the Aldi Play Rugby Virtual Sessions, click here or download a powerpoint presentation

Click here to email your interest

Click here to email your interest