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‘We Need To Get Back Out Playing And This Will Help Us To Do It’ – Aldi Play Rugby Rugbyathon Ready To Hit Schools

Aldi Play Rugby Festival, Castlebar RFC, Co. Mayo 10/4/2019 A view of participants at today's festival Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Tommy Dickson

The Aldi Play Rugby Rugbyathon hits schools on Wednesday April 28th and it’s a chance to help children relearn social skills in an active setting.

That’s according to Pat O’Gorman of Cloontuskert National School in Co. Roscommon. Pat teaches in the school and is active in the local rugby community with Creggs RFC.

“We’ve been involved with Aldi Play Rugby since the start of it,” Pat told IrishRugby.ie. “It’s great to have a project that both children and parents can get involved in and build school spirit. The equipment we’ve gotten has been fantastic too.”

The Aldi Play Rugby Rugbyathon is about giving every child in a participating school the chance to play rugby on the same day.

Using class pods and COVID-19 safety bubbles children will be active through fun rugby games and activities over the course of a school day.

Pat has the last year has shown how important it is for children to be in environments where they can be active and develop social skills.

“The principal Padraig Connerton and myself were on yard duty during the week and we noticed that the children are having to learn how to play with each other again. In some ways, they’d forgotten how to be with each other and play and interact in a game.”

“The rugbyathon will take every class in the school and get them out playing in their pods. Rugby is a part of it, but it’s a reason to get everyone out of the class room and teach them about getting on together again, which is huge.”

Participating schools are also encouraged to run a Jersey Day as part of the rugbyathon to benefit local charities.

If your school would like to participate in the Aldi Play Rugby Rugbyathon, Click Here To Send An Email.

The Rugbyathon is part of a series of Aldi Play Rugby initiatives is aimed at helping schools which includes Class Sessions and Virtual Sessions – for more click here.