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Supporters Cub Ticket Sale Update

Supporters Cub Ticket Sale Update

The Supporters Club Ticket sale which commenced yesterday at 9 a.m. was suspended due to technical difficulties. The problems which arose have now been rectified and a communication is being sent to all members to confirm their status.

We would like to again apologise to our members for the inconvenience this caused and to thank you for your patience while we rectified the problem.

Members who successfully completed their purchase of tickets before the suspension will remain valid and they will receive a final confirmation email of their transaction.
Members who received multiple confirmations as a result of the technical difficulties will also receive a communication to confirm their purchase and the cancellation of any further transactions.
Members who had tickets in their online shopping cart but who were unable to proceed to payment will be given a window in which to complete their transaction prior to the main tranche of tickets going back on sale. These members will receive an email to notify them of this. IN CART is defined as having select tickets, confirmed billing address and accepted the terms and conditions prior to payment.
The ticket sale will now re-commence at 10 a.m. on Tuesday September 2nd 2008.
Once again we apologise to you for the inconvenience caused yesterday.
Yours in Rugby, 
Barry Cunningham
Supporters Club Manager.