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Lansdowne Road – Fine Art Drawings Exhibition

Lansdowne Road – Fine Art Drawings Exhibition

The IRFU has commissioned renowned Dublin artist Desmond McCarthy to capture the long history and tradition of the oldest rugby stadium in the world before its redevelopment.

As a life long devotee of rugby, and having enjoyed many a memorable afternoon cheering on Ireland over the years, Desmond approached the task as a veritable labour of love resulting in a magnificent collection of fine art drawings, offering unique and memorable depictions of the stands, terraces and clubhouses at Lansdowne Road which have become synonymous with Irish rugby since 1878.

For more details on these limited edition fine art drawings download the pdf – click here.



LR Fine Art
…The East Stand…


…Artist Desmond McCarthy at work…

The pictures are printed on the highest quality Tinteretto Italian 200gsm art paper. Pictures are window mounted and the framing is moulded Italian wood with a burnished silver finish. Each print is titled, numbered and signed individually and stamped with the Artist’s seal. Each picture is labelled on the back and stamped with the Artist’s seal.


…Lansdowne Road…

The Artist’s Proof is a small group of prints set aside from the edition. From the original drawings, printing plates are made and from these plates a short run of proofs are produced.

Once approved by the Artist these proofs are signed, titled and stamped with the Artist’s seal as an Artist’s Proofs. These plates are then used for the Limited Editions to be printed, titled, signed, sealed and numbered. Once the editions have been completed and signed, the printing plates are destroyed.

Venue Minerva Suite, RDS
Date Thursday, April 19, 2007
Time 5.30pm-7.30pm

For more information please contact: Maria Boland, IRFU, 62 Lansdowne Road Ballsbridge, Dublin 4. Tel: (01) 647 3828; Email: maria.boland@irfu.ie