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Sustaining Irish Rugby Forum 2019

Sustaining Irish Rugby Forum 2019

The IRFU held its Sustaining Irish Rugby Forum at the Aviva Stadium on Sunday November 24th.

It was the first event of its kind for the organisation with an objective to bring club rugby volunteers together with industry experts to look at future-proofing the sport.

“Today is about creating that stimulus,” IRFU Director of Rugby Development Colin McEntee told IrishRugby TV in the above video.

“I’d like to think that our club attendees go back to their club and they look at their club today, what it’s going to look like tomorrow and be brave to challenge what the norm is and step forward in unity.”

Presenters from the IRFU, Sport Ireland, PwC and Energia addressed how the changes in Ireland’s sporting landscape are tied to changes in society.

The challenge for clubs is to think strategically in creating a sustainable infrastructure that will serve them into an uncertain future.

Clubs were asked to share their own examples of good-practice with each other on the day. IRFU Youth Council Chair Meadhbh Lewis says it was a critical element of a successful event.

“The key take home message is about how clubs can learn from each other and just share ideas on how to make your club more sustainable,” she said.