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Griggs Looks Ahead To Rugby World Cup 2021 Europe Qualifier

Three new caps, facing Spain first up and the anticipation within the squad - head coach Adam Griggs looks ahead to Ireland's RWC 2021 Europe Qualifier next week.

Adam Griggs acknowledges pressure is starting to build both inside and outside of the camp.

“We don’t want to shy away from that (the pressure),” he said. “There is a reality that winning this tournament means you can go to a Rugby World Cup, which is everyone’s goal.

“I suppose for the coaching staff and support staff as well, our focus is making sure players don’t get too ahead of themselves and we do focus on one game at a time, but knowing that the end goal is what we’ve focused on for 18 months.

“I think when we go into a tournament format like this, the important part will be how we gel together as a group.

“Not only on the field, but off the field. I think there’s really good character in these players that will make sure that we go there and compete, and be successful.”