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Bealham And Healy Look Ahead To Fiji Game

Finlay Bealham and Cian Healy 8/11/2022

Finlay Bealham and Cian Healy were on media duty at the High Performance Centre today as the squad stepped up preparations for the game against Fiji.

Asked about the current Ireland squad, Cian Healy said,

“Every squad is very different. This is probably one of most enjoyable squads I’ve been in across the board. It’s cultured around people being themselves, allowed to express themselves. Working unbelievably hard when we’re working and enjoying each other’s company when we’re off.

Looking ahead to the game on Saturday, Finlay Bealham is conscious of the threat posed by Fiji up front, “Of course I’d love to be involved whether it’s number 3 or 18. Everytime you pull on the jersey it’s a very proud thing to do and I love it so much. Fingers crossed I’ll be involved. Looking at Fiji, they’ve shown a really good scrum against Scotland and looking back at the internationals over the summer they’ve got some big boys up front and they’re well drilled – we’re going to have meet that challenge head on. We had a pretty tough scrummaging session today and another one tomorrow.”

‘That’s why we’re both a bit tired now”, replied Healy with a wry smile.