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Aviva Mini Rugby – Impactful Coaching

The IRFU have published a short presentation on considerations for impactful coaching in Aviva Mini Rugby.  The content is led by IRFU National Coach Development Manager Jamie Turkington.  You can view the presentation in full below. 

Aviva Mini Rugby – Impactful Coaching


  • Influences On Coaching Practice
  • Relative Impact of Pressure on Coaching Actions
  • Developing Competency: Knowledge, Skills, Ability
  • Developing Behaviours: Actions, Beliefs, Attitudes
  • Summary: Players, Place, Practice 

Duration: 06:30

“When we look at our players, we need to be sure we’re communicating with them and developing a collaborative environment,” Jamie says.  “Do we develop and live the values of rugby and develop these young players as people of the future?”

“And in our practice, do we plan, deliver and review?

“We must be the inspiration that brings them back to a session week after week.”