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Ireland Training Session – England Week

It was a case of all four seasons in one training session at the IRFU High Performance Centre yesterday as the Ireland Squad continued their preparations for the Guinness Women’s Six Nations clash with England on Saturday.

Head Coach Scott Bemand was pleased with the win against Wales in Cork but noted, “It’s nice to take the confidence from winning. We’ve got to enjoy winning, that’s fine. But we find if you’re stable and consistent with how you review and preview and go after your own performance, you can kind of not get rattled if you pick up a loss.

“And the trick is not to get too giddy if you pick up a win. There are still bits in the game that we left a bunch of points out there last week. So we’re still going to go after the bits that are going to continually make us better.”

Bemand expects that Linda Djougang and Player of the Match Aoife Wafer will both be fit and available for selection after both picked up ‘a bit of bang’ last Saturday.