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Irish Rugby Ready To Celebrate Pride

Irish Rugby Ready To Celebrate Pride

The IRFU will mark Pride month this year with a series of initiatives aimed at supporting the LGBTQ+ community and helping staff and clubs to be better allies.

In March this year Anne Marie Hughes was appointed as the first Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusivity (ED&I) in the IRFU. Speaking about the Pride celebrations this year Hughes said, ‘It is important to show support of pride and we will do that across our channels and by flying the flag but it’s more than just symbols and is more than one month a year.

“Rugby prides itself on being sport where everyone is welcome, and we want to foster and grow that culture in the organisation and the wider rugby community. We have heard from players and referees and others within the game and that visibility is hugely important, we want to build on their courage and create a safe and enjoyable environment in rugby for all.”

Hughes outlined several initiatives to mark Pride including a live interview  session with former Wales International Gareth Thomas (pictured below promoting the Union Cup in Dublin in 2019) speaking about his own rugby journey and sexuality.

James Browne, Gareth Thomas, Richie Fagan and Oran Sweeney 30/5/2019

Gareth Thomas with members of the Emerald Warriors laucnh the Union Cup in 2019 ©INPHO/Bryan Keane

“Gareth is a powerful speaker, and his story is one worth hearing. Initially we planned this for IRFU staff, but we have opened it up to rugby clubs as well. It’s important for staff and volunteers to know what people have gone through so we can all be better allies.”

The event with Gareth Thomas takes place on June 21st at 11 a.m. and a link has been shared to clubs for their members.

Under the banner of the Spirit of Rugby programme, the IRFU has created a short advice sheet for clubs and their members on how to be an ally and is encouraging clubs to take part in the various Pride parades that are planned.

IRFU – How To Be An Ally In Your Club

It’s important to ensure our clubs are inclusive and welcoming to everyone in the local community all year round, including those from the LGBTQ+ community. Have a look at this factsheet for ideas and tips on being an ally to the LGBTQ+ people in and around your club.

Download here

Get Involved In Pride

Why not get involved in your nearest Pride festival, you and your club mates could volunteer at festivals around Ireland and Northern Ireland. You can use the links below to see what’s on and to register your interest in volunteering

Finally, Hughes said the IRFU is encouraging clubs to show their support,

“Flying the flag or changing your logo to show the colours is a simple gesture that may help someone feel welcome, it is a statement of support. It needs to be backed up in every organisation by initiatives, training and support, but it is still important to say you are an ally.”

Raising Awareness

Have you and your club mates completed the IRFU Diversity and Inclusion online module, you can use the link(s) below to learn about the importance of language, how we can manage our biases and steps to take to make your club more inclusive:

Show Your Support

Fly the flag, change your club logo and show that you support Pride.