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‘Our Players Have A Point To Prove’ – McWilliams

Greg McWilliams 19/4/2022

Ireland Head coach Greg McWilliams and the national coaching team will take charge of the Combined Provinces squad

Ireland head coach Greg McWilliams is keen for his squad to end the TikTok Women’s Six Nations Championship on a high when they host Scotland at Kingspan Stadium on Saturday night.

The last time these sides met it proved agonising for Ireland as they were knocked out of the Rugby World Cup qualifying tournament, but looking back on the agenda for the coach and his new-look squad.

McWilliams reiterated their belief in the process and the squad that he is building, saying: “It’s funny because I’ve been perceived as somebody who doesn’t talk about results.

“We want to win but the thing is, just to reiterate, you don’t focus on the results because they’re a by-product of your process and how well you’re working away from the game. So you don’t focus on that, they happen as a result of your process.

I just hope our process is good this week and as a result then, we want to get a win against a good Scottish side that beat us the last time we played them.

“They’re in the World Cup ahead of us, so our players have a point to prove and it’s another great challenge for them.

“We’re not focusing on the result. We’re focusing on making sure that all those small details in the game, those 24 seconds from whistle to whistle on average, they’re filled with good actions.”

McWilliams also spoke about morale in camp following last weekend’s heavy defeat in England, and how the players are looking forward to playing in front of a big crowd at the home of Ulster Rugby.

We want to be better and we have to be better. We have a group of players that know that more than anybody. Their reaction to the weekend is just phenomenal.

“You’d be really proud of it. They’re working so hard and they’re doing their best. That’s all we can ask for. Let’s just hope this is a weekend where things click and they can show the other side of the ball.

“Not just the bravery, not just the emotional connection, but also their ability to play rugby and play at a good speed. Hopefully put on a really good show for supporters, that we all want.

“They’ve definitely got guts, which I think everybody who follows the team likes. It’s now about the technical and tactical side of the game that we really want to focus in on this weekend.

“Put on a more fluid performance. Hopefully we can show all the hard work coming to fruition.”