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Protecting Performance: #ReadyForRugby Support Webinar 7

Protecting Performance: #ReadyForRugby Support Webinar 7

The second #ReadyForRugby Support Webinar on protecting performance takes place tomorrow lunchtime April 15th

The session will be a practical run through management of training load in terms of how often, how hard, how long and how much. IRFU Head of Athletic Performance & Science Nick Winkleman has also been added to the presentation team.

“As we prepare to return to rugby after a long period with no structured training, we need to protect player performance and ensure they can fully enjoy a safe return to training,” says Nicol van Dyk, the IRFU’s Injury Surveillance and Medical Research Officer. “We will discuss key considerations for coaches planning their training sessions, including training load, drills to reduce injury risk and making sure players are ready for a return to contact and competition.”

Any individual who signs up for the series will also receive a video of each webinar to watch back on their own time.

#ReadyForRugby Support Webinar 7: Training Hard & Smart – Workload Guidelines For Return To Rugby

Time: Thursday 15th April 13:00 – 13:30 

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/IRFU-Web-7


  • Nick Winkleman, Head of Athletic Performance & Science, IRFU
  • Dr Nicol van Dyk – Injury Surveillance and Medical Research Officer, IRFU
  • Dr Caithriona Yeomans – Medical Department High Performance Game Coordinator, IRFU
  • Patrick Dolan – PhD Researcher Irish Rugby Injury Surveillance (IRIS) Project, University of Limerick

Suitable For: Anyone involved in planning training sessions and workload for club and schools players.

#ReadyForRugby Support Webinar 8: Back In The Game – Getting Contact Ready

Time: Thursday 29th April 13:00 – 13:30 

Registration link: http://bit.ly/IRFU-Web-8

Suitable For: Players and coaches in clubs and schools and anyone involved in planning training sessions.


#ReadyForRugby Support Webinar 6: Protecting Player Performance: Warm ups – Why They Are Important And What To Include

Watch Back: https://youtu.be/IJLTN7ra-nc