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IRFU Home Work-Outs Tailored To All Levels

IRFU Home Work-Outs Tailored To All Levels

IRFU Home Work-Outs Tailored To All Levels

The IRFU’s leading athletic development coaches who work with Ireland’s national teams and across the elite player development pathway have produced a host of videos tailored to different levels of fitness so that rugby players can maintain fitness during the COVID-19 shut-down.

Jason Cowman who has been the head athletic development coach with the Ireland men’s senior team since 2012 has produced two body weight circuits suitable for players who were actively engaged in multiple rugby conditioning sessions each week before collective restrictions were put in place.

Martin Kennedy is the IRFU’s National Talent Athletic Development lead and has worked with the Ireland U20s since 2015.  His role sees him supporting all young players on the national elite player pathway.  Martin has produced a number of challenge videos that focus on movement ability.  These challenges are suitable for everyone and are related to the type of exercises that players on the pathway to a green jersey must master.

Ed Slattery is an Athletic Development coach for the IRFU’s men’s and women’s national sevens squads.  Ed has produced a circuit that people can do at home as a standalone or addition to their existing exercise routine.

These videos are part of a series produced by the IRFU’s Athletic Development team to help rugby athletes maintain fitness during the COVID-19 shutdown.  The full playlist of videos is available on the IRFU’s official YouTube Channel.

Full playlist available here: https://bit.ly/IRFUWorkouts