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IRFU Tag Laws For 2011 Season Available

IRFU Tag Laws For 2011 Season Available

The 2011 IRFU Tag ‘Laws of the Game’ has been finalised and is now available for download here on irfutag.ie.

Effective immediately, the IRFU Tag Laws see some amendments in three areas of the game.

The hanges are as follows:

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Penalty Tries

Definition: A penalty try will be worth three points in all matches.

Over 50 Veteran Player (Law 3.2)

In Veterans League matches, over-50 players must be clearly identifiable by one of the following means:

– Wearing different colour shorts to their team-mates
– Wearing a different colour jersey to their team-mates that does not clash with the opposition colours

Over-50 players must make themselves known to the referee before the start of play. Over-50 players not adhering to this law will be awarded one (1) point per try scored.

Jumping/Spinning (Law 5.17B)

The ball carrier must not jump to avoid being tagged. In mixed games, the ball carrier may not spin/swivel through 360 degrees to avoid being tagged. A side step is allowed.

A 360 degree spin is permitted in men-only matches (including men-only veterans’ matches). Any contact initiated in an attempted spin or swivel is liable to sanction. The onus is on the ball carrier to avoid contact.

Click here to visit the Laws page on www.irfutag.ie.

For information on refereeing IRFU Tag games, click here.