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More Tag Venues Announced

More Tag Venues Announced

This week saw the announcement of Bud Light Tag’s Summer League Venues. With more to come, 2009 promises to be the biggest season ever……

At time of ‘going to press’ the Bud Light Tag family of venues has grown even more considerably since the previous season.

With the addition of Venues around Ireland such as Co.Carlow FC, Tallaght and Wexford Wanderers RFCs in Leinster, Ballincollig in Munster and Ballynahinch in Ulster, the summer ahead looks to be very exciting indeed!

There are more venues to come and they will be announced here on this website and by email to the mailing list which you can join by texting the word ‘TAG‘ followed by your email address to 51444.

Click HERE to view list of Bud Light Tag venues (at time of print).