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Budweiser Beach Tag – The Gorey Details

Budweiser Beach Tag – The Gorey Details

The final Budweiser Beach Tag Festival of the summer took place last saturday at Old
Bawn beach in Ballygarrett, Gorey, Co.Wexford. With the sunshine out for pretty much
all of the day, a fantastic time day’s tag that only Budweiser Tag can deliver, was
had by all

Just after one o’clock, the first whistles went to kick off 2008’s trip to Gorey as

teams from venues all over commenced their day’s Tagging. The going was heavy as the dry and deep sand worked every pair of calves present to their limits, in particular for the referees, Stephen Brady, Dave Bolger and Eamonn Sayers who were excellent throughout the day.

With teams such as Oh Jesus & Oh Jaysus, Disco Dens, Dingleberry, Dingles B, Can’t Tag This, the Brasscocks, the Wexicans and of course, Gorey RFC this day was always going to be special. Results were tight as the group stages progressed with little indication as to who was to contest the spoils of the two Trophies until the very last round.

In Group 2, the final was played in great spirits between ‘Oh Jesus!’ and the Disco Dens. ‘Oh Jesus’ won this by 3 tries to 2………and there was much rejoicing.
Meanwhile in Group 1, as it turned out, the host side, Gorey RFC, shaped up to face the Dingles B team in the final. Gorey won this 6-1 to crown the day’s games off with a tidy piece of silverware.  None of this happened until after quick reminder that it does indeed rain in this country during the summertime as all players, supporters, volunteers and staff crammed into two Budweiser gazebos for some shelter!!

Everyone headed back afterwards to Gorey Rugby Club for the presentations of winners and runners-up trophies to the respective captains and some well deserved BBQ food and a cooling drink.

Congrats to the Winners, Comiserations to the Runners-Up and Well done to all who took part. Special mention for all those who supported the day such as Mari Cahalane, Gorey RFC President Kevin Lacey, the Referees, the ‘Rakers‘ and Gráinne Leach.

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If you have any photos of the day’s events and would like to see them up online on one of the busiest sports websites around, please send to tag@irishrugby.ie. Pictures submitted must be of a minimum of 495×495 pixels in size and if you want everyone to know who is in them, please save the files as you would have the caption read.