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Comments on SARU messageboard.

I’m sure that when David McHugh set off for South Africa he never in a million years could have imagined what lay in store for him. Most referees would prefer if their name never appeared in the post match reports, even if they’ve had a ‘blinder’, because they will say that that’s what they’re there to do. However, Corkman McHugh made every newspaper, every radio and tv outlet and every sports website, after being laid low – in the course of the game – by an irate (aka looper) Springboks supporter.

The official South African Rugby Football Union website messageboard was particularly busy after the game and we give you a sample of some of the verdicts in support of said irate fan.

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“Vote Pieter Van Zyl for President! I’ll look forward to him dealing with Mugabe, Tony Blair and Saddam Hussein!”

“Pieter Van Zyl, if you4re ever in Perth send me an email. I want to buy you a beer!! That was a brave act and certainly merited. That Irishman had obviously been on the grog before the game, and I bet was an New Zealand official picking up the tab!”

“Referees have obviously made a pact to screw South Africa. The ref yesterday awarded penalty try to All Blacks, kept penalising SA etc. Well South Africans are sick of it. Did you think we would just sit down and take it. Yesterday a heroic South African spoke for all of us. He did what we all have been dying to do the refs in the Tri-Nations, but didn’t have the guts. Well he did. HE IS A TRUE SOUTH AFRICAN HERO. I bet McHugh or whatever that Irish prick is called, won’t ever mess with South Africans again. The U21 New Zealanders learnt a similar lesson. South Africans won’t be messed with.”

“The absolutely shocking performance of referees in their biased performance against South Africa is the cause of Saturday’s attack. It is now painfully obvious that these referees are committed for whatever reason to not allow South Africa to win in international rugby. It was only a matter of time before some drunk neanderthal lost control of their emotions. Of course this incident does nothing to help South Africa’s cause. Now the refs and other countries take the high road, when the cancer at the root of the problem is the absolutely shocking and undeniable continuous bias against South African rugby.”

” David McHugh and fatso should be banned from rugby stadiums for life. They are both a disgrace to the game. Refs do make mistakes but this one went overboard.”

We stress that the above are the more extreme views expressed on the SARU website, which just goes to prove that they’re one in every town…..