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#NothingLikeIt: “It’s Great To Be Back” – Ireland Captain Ciara Griffin

Ireland captain Ciara Griffin says ‘it’s great to be back’ after the extended squad returned to training at the High Performance Centre this weekend. She spoke to Irish Rugby TV about the mood in the camp and her reaction to this week’s launch of #NothingLikeIt.

“It’s our first camp of the new season heading into World Cup qualifier prep,” she said. 

“We did five weeks of pre-season as well under the belt. Working hard. It was nice to get a bit of down time – switch off too, but now it’s back to work.” 

“It’s great to see everyone again. You’re away for a certain number of weeks and you start missing people, which is lovely. It just shows how tight this group is. There’s a good buzz. Everyone wants to get working and get going. It’s a big few months for us and we get to get that end result.” 

“I think you can see how positive the #NothingLikeIt campaign was this week alone. It was trending all over the different media channels. Seeing people talking about it throughout the different clubs was just fantastic showing how that grassroots rugby works. There is #NothingLikeIt – playing with your club, playing with your team mates so I just can’t wait to see what happens with it.”