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Fryday: We Want To Finish Tour On A High

A ‘sharp’ session in demanding conditions as Ireland completed their preparations for the second Test of the Japan tour. Captain Nichola Fryday is aiming to lead Ireland to another win to finish the trip on a high.

Speaking about the team’s development, Fryday said: “We saw a lot of the new girls stand up last week, get their first caps and put in huge performances.

“It shows that we do have good talent coming through. I’m delighted for a few more girls to get that opportunity this week. That’s what this tour is about. It’s about giving girls a shot. This is the perfect venue to give it a go.”

The Offaly woman also spoke about the impact of support from home and the fact that the games are live on TV.

“You can feel a bit isolated being so far from home, but the support coming through has been amazing. To have TG4 show both of the matches is great for us as players but it’s great for our families as well.

“They would all love to have been here but with things the way they are with Covid restrictions, it’s great that we’re still able to stay connected with family and friends.”