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Adult Players

Adult Players

All players must renew their membership in RugbyConnect for the 2022/23 season. Please do so by clicking here and finding your club;  or using the renewal email you will have received or logging into your account on https://sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/users/login

*Please note renewals and new registrations are not available until your club has made them available on the above link. Contact your club if there is no memberships available in your club.

How To Use RugbyConnect
The below videos and guides are designed for players

Please search your email accounts (work, personal etc.) for ‘Sportlomo’. You should find your registration email or a renewal reminder email from the system in the email account you have used previously. If you no longer have access to the email account – you will have to ask someone in your club to request an email account change for your address. They will let you know when this has been completed.

To log into your account at any time to amend or edit your details you can use the following link: https://irfu.sportsmanager.ie/sportlomo/users/login

Some details can only be amended by your branch, such as Date of Birth and IRFU ID number.

All your details stored in our system is secure and follow the IRFU data provisions: https://www.irishrugby.ie/privacy/

Each form has been carefully designed with GDPR in mind, to ask the minimum amount of questions we need to govern the game and competitions whilst also requesting a number of pertinent Terms and Conditions are agreed to.

RugbyConnect will automatically generate a new IRFU for each person if a record ‘match’ was not found for the player by the club. If you are renewing your membership you should retain your number from last year, if the system did generate a new IRFU ID, there is likely a duplicate record. Please flag this with your club administrator.

Over the last two seasons many players registered in error multiple times. This has happened for various reasons; the player did so in error, perhaps a player and a parent registered the same person, the player did not complete the transfer correctly etc.

We are endeavouring this season to ensure that the number of duplicates are reduced. If you think you have already completed a registration, please do not continue and let your club administrator know you received this message. There may be cases where the system is detecting a duplicate, but it might not be (i.e. players with the same names and DOB’S).

All duplicates uncovered this season will go to the branch for approval which will delay your registration.

You will have received an email confirmation when you registered / renewed this season. If you got this email, please ask you coach to follow up with the Club administrator, as you are likely still ‘awaiting approval’. Your club administrator needs to approve you before your coach will be able to see you in the system.

All transfers are now completed in the system, therefore you have to be registered in the system with your old club in order for a transfer to be completed. Either your new club or your old club can request the transfer. Once either has initiated the transfer you will get an email to indicate this and be prompted to log into the system to accept the transfer.

Please note the transfer is not fully completed until you log in through the system and click the arrow to sign up for your new club.

Do not register with your new club, using their link – this will not complete your transfer correctly.

Please ensure you ‘complete’ the registration and do not start a new registration. 

Watch Transfer Video Guide


Dual and loan player requirements are now all live in RugbyConnect. The player should be registered in their ‘home’ club and then as per previous seasons the dual and loan status is requested through your province (IRFU for AIL). The status will be added to the players RugbyConnect Account, and the loan / dual club will now be able to view the players details.

You have to choose to sign up with one of the forms. E.g. Player. If you then want to add the coach role, log into their Sportlomo account, on your ‘Home’ page select ‘Upgrade / Add Category’. From here you will be presented with any additional questions from the coach form that were not captured in the player form. Similarly, if you had originally signed up as a coach, they would select ‘Upgrade / Add Category’, and add the ‘Player form’.

The IRFU and the Provinces have no involvement in club payments, any questions regarding club payments should be raised in your club.