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Graduated Return To Play Video Guides

Irish Rugby Football Union Concussion Recognition

The IRFU Graduated Return To Play (GRTP) protocol guides the player through the rehabilitation stages following a concussion or suspected concussion.

There are suggested activities in each stage which may be used to gradually increase the amount, intensity and/or type of exercise that the player does in order to ensure a safe and successful return to sport.

Please use the videos below in conjunction with the GRTP Wallet Card.

Stage 1 focuses on light aerobic activity to help improve recovery. This stage begins in the first 24-48 hours following a concussion and can include aerobic activities such as gentle jogging or cycling on a stationary bike.

This stage focuses on progressing the amount of aerobic and body-weight resistance exercises you are doing. Activities that challenge your balance and agility can also be included in this stage.

This stage focuses on return to rugby-specific skills, however there should be no contact activities or activities where there is a risk of getting a head impact. This can include stationary passing drills or lineout throws.

Players must be symptom-free at rest and after exercise to progress to Stage 4. The aim of this stage is to increasingly challenge coordination, introduce drills that require increased concentration and progress resistance training.

Following medical clearance, participate in normal training activities and full contact practice.