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IRFU Concussion Protocols


Concussion Guidelines for the Domestic Game

These guidelines are to assist Senior and Junior players, coaches, referees and family members to understand the importance of recognising and properly managing players with concussion.

IRFU guidelines have been updated to reflect the latest medical advice from the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport which indicates that players who have suffered from a suspected or confirmed concussion should minimise complete rest to 24-48 hours, returning to normal every day activities and light exercise after this.

IRFU Guide To Concussion In The Amateur Game – download here

Graduated Return To Play (GRTP)

The IRFU Graduated Return To Play (GRTP) protocol guides the player through the rehabilitation stages following a concussion or suspected concussion.

There are suggested activities in each stage which may be used to gradually increase the amount, intensity and/or type of exercise that the player does in order to ensure a safe and successful return to sport.

Tap or click here for GRTP Videos

Please refer to the IRFU Concussion wallet card and IRFU GRTP card for information on concussion and the graduated return to play protocol.

IRFU Guide To Concussion Wallet Card

IRFU Graduated Return To Play Wallet Card

IRFU Recognise & Remove Poster

If you would like concussion wallet cards or posters for your club or school, please email us