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IRFU Seeks Applications From Clubs For Canterbury Give It A Try 2022

IRFU Seeks Applications From Clubs For Canterbury Give It A Try 2022

The IRFU is formally seeking applications from rugby clubs to participate in Canterbury Give It A Try For 2022.

84 clubs ran the programme in 2021, offering thousands of girls aged 8-14 the chance to learn how to play rugby in a fun, safe and welcoming environment. For 2022, #GiveItATry will run in the months of May and June.

Canterbury Give It A Try offers fun rugby sessions and the basics of rugby for girls, while providing coach education for new and developing club volunteers and coaches.

The programme is led locally by clubs with assistance and training from the IRFU and provinces. Clubs do not incur a fee to run the programme.

What Are The Aims Of Canterbury Give It A Try?

  • The creation of new teams or the strengthening of existing teams in clubs.
  • To provide a fun, 8-week (one session per week for 8 weeks in May and June) programme of rugby activities to attract girls aged 8 – 14 to the club.
  • To support a club in increasing their number of players and integrate those new players into existing teams.
  • To develop athletic and social skills for girls in a safe and nurturing environment.
  • To develop coaches, i.e. to run a successful 8-week programme and to sustain the players through to the regular season.

What Are The Benefits Of Running Canterbury Give It A Try In Your Club?

  • Participation levels will increase. The conversion rate from the programme to club membership is high.
  • Free training will be provided to the coaches and co-ordinator in your club to help upskill them with coaching plans for the 8 sessions and provide tips to making the GIAT successful.
  • Resources will be provided to your club to market and advertise the programme.
  • There is the potential for your club to become a more vibrant, active part of the local community through enhanced participation.
  • The club might recruit new volunteers as new parents start bringing their child to the club for the ‘Give It A Try’ sessions and are willing to stay and get involved.

Who Can Apply?

  • New Clubs: Clubs with the clear potential to offer rugby to girls for the first time.
  • Developing Clubs: Clubs that already offer girls to rugby that want to target increased participation in certain age brackets and fill out their pathway.e.g. they may have U16 and U18 teams but no minis or U14 teams.  can show that there are players in the area who would like to give rugby a try.
  • Deficient Clubs: Clubs that may be struggling for numbers but can show there are girls in their locality who would like to give rugby a try.

Evidence must be provided to show that there are players in the area who would like to give rugby a try and that there are coaches and resources in place to support the new team.

What Does The Canterbury Give It A Try Programme Entail If Your Application Is Successful?

  • All clubs will receive a free Canterbury GIAT pack with; balls (size 3 and size 4), cones, bibs and 8 coaching session templates. There is one template per week.
  • New participants will receive a free Canterbury GIAT t-shirt. Participants will indicate their t-shirt size on the GIAT registration form on the Rugby Connect system.
  • All clubs will receive Canterbury GIAT coach’s t-shirt (max 6 per club).
  • The club must be able to provide a co-ordinator and a minimum of 2 coaches (Stage 1 or 2 accredited) to run the programme. (More coaches required if 20+ players to ensure a coach: player ratio of 1:10.
  • All GIAT coaches and co-ordinators must attend provincial training prior to the programme commencing in the club (dates in March will be communicated to participating clubs).
  • Participant registration for the programme will be through the Rugby Connect system. Training will be given.  Please note that all participating clubs must use the Rugby Connect system to register participants.
  • The club must be willing to welcome ALL new members.
  • The coordinators will be provided with pdfs which can be used to promote the programme in the schools and elsewhere. (Clubs may design and distribute their own promotional material too).
  • The first 4 weeks of the programme will involve weekly coaching sessions specifically designed for those who have not participated before. Clubs should aim to train a minimum of one session per week. Days/times of training is at the clubs’ discretion.
  • Clubs should charge €10/£10 per player for the 8-week programme. This fee should be re-used within the club – e.g. pizza day/ice creams. The IRFU does not collect this from clubs.
  • The clubs are encouraged to integrate current club members (if applicable) with the GIAT participants after week 4. The club must monitor the integration of the GIAT participants and ensure all those who want to continue to play rugby are registered.

Next Steps for Clubs:

Step 1: Complete the email the application form, copying your provincial Women’s Development Officer on the email. Forms to be received before close of business, Friday 11th February. (See application form for contact details).  All applications will receive a receipt of application email from the IRFU.  If you do not receive this receipt, please check that the application was emailed correctly.

Step 2: Applicants will be contacted via e-mail to announce the successful clubs by 21st February 2022.

Step 3: There will be 2/3 briefing workshops for participating clubs in March. All Canterbury GIAT coaches and coordinators must attend. Training will be online.

All participants must be registered through RugbyConnect. Online training on how participants register on RugbyConnect will be given to club co-ordinators – whoever will be responsible for the day to day running of the programme. RugbyConnect can also be used for emailing participants and covid certs.

It is also hoped to run a 1-hour in person ‘Introduction to Contact Training’ session in each of the provinces – subject to public health measures.

Step 4: All clubs must promote the Canterbury GIAT programme in their local area, i.e. through schools and local shops, etc.

Step 5: The 8-week programme will begin in the window 2nd May to 9th May 2022.  All participating Clubs must be in a position to start their programme in this 8-day window so please ensure that your club has considered this when completing the application. Promotion of the programme nationally and regionally is based on having X number of clubs running the programme at the same time.  Kit delivery and participant t-shirt delivery is also based on all clubs starting and finishing within one week of each other.  The provincial blitzes at the end of June are also predicated on all clubs starting the same week.

Step 6: All participating clubs are encouraged to run a ‘Refresher’ weekend towards the end of August.  The idea is to invite Canterbury Give It A Try participants back to the club just as it opens up for the season and to welcome them to a ‘normal’ training session.

Application Forms And Further Information:

Canterbury Give It A Try – Programme Information For Clubs

Canterbury Give It A Try – Memo To Clubs

Canterbury Give It A Try – Application Form 2022