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IRFU Affiliate Referee Course Goes Live For 2021

IRFU Affiliate Referee Course Goes Live For 2021

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The online course for people who want to become IRFU affiliate referees is now live on the refereeing section of IrishRugby.ie

IRFU affiliate referees are defined as adult persons (Aged 18 to 59) who are qualified to referee matches involving a club or school to which they are affiliated, where no Branch referee has been appointed.

They usually referee age grade matches and provide an important function in servicing the game at this level in their club or school.

Becoming an affiliate referee is a two step process which starts with completing two key modules on the World Rugby Passport start. The second step is to complete the IRFU Affiliate Referee course. 

Full details and links to completing the education process are available at https://www.irishrugby.ie/playing-the-game/refereeing/club-school-affiliated-referees/