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IRFU Announce Online Workshop Series For Players

IRFU Announce Online Workshop Series For Players

The IRFU are announcing a series of online workshops to help players develop their game by taking a fresh look at how they watch rugby.

“Developing Positional Understanding Through Watching Rugby” is the subject of the Level Up series and it kicks off on Tuesday January 26th.

Each workshop will focus on a different aspect of positional play by analysing footage from age-grade, amateur, academy and professional rugby. The series will conclude with a look at unit skills for both backs and forwards,

Sessions will be led by coach and player development staff from all four provinces with added insight from coaches, referees and elite players.

Each workshop is online, takes place at lunchtime and is 30 minutes in length. All feature a Q&A section where attendees can have their own questions answered.

Registration for each workshop is required and will be available from next week.

Speaking about the series, IRFU Participation Rugby Operations Manager David Keane said:

“The reality of our current environment is that for the vast majority of players and coaches, the only rugby matches they are getting to see at the moment are on television.

“This is designed to engage directly with players and bring their development back into focus.

“The fact that each workshop is tailored to a different playing position will also make it more relevant.”

IRFU Children & Youth Development Manager Colm Finnegan said:

“This series will be of benefit to players of all ages and abilities in helping them look at game understanding and what makes players stand out in their position.

“Staff from the four provinces have come together with players, coaches and referees to share their expertise and insight with the help of presentations and footage to make it easier for players to look at rugby in a new way.”

Level Up Workshop Series: “Developing Positional Understanding Through Watching Rugby”

Position Workshops

Tuesday January 26th: Half Backs

Wednesday January 27th: Centres

Thursday January 28th: Second Rows

Friday January 29th: Front Rows

Monday February 1st: Back Rows

Tuesday February 2nd: Back Three


Unit Workshops:

Wednesday February 3rd: Backline Attack & Defence

Thursday February 4th: Scrum & Lineout