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Scoring Charts: Energia All-Ireland League Division 1B 2019/20

Scoring Charts: Energia All-Ireland League Division 1B 2019/20

Energia All-Ireland League Division 1B, Energia Park, Dublin 19/12/2019 Old Wesley v Navan Old Wesley's Rory Stynes Mandatory Credit ©Deryck Vincent

Rory Stynes proved to be the top scorer in Division 1B of the Energia All-Ireland League in the 2019/20 season. Operating mostly from full-back, the Old Wesley stalwart hit 112 points including two tries. It’s the first time Stynes has broken the century mark for a season in his playing career to date.

Highfield’s position at the top of the table was helped in no small part by 102 points from their out-half Shane O’Riordan.

Pa Ryan of Shannon was the stand out try scorer in Division 1B, crossing the whitewash on 11 occasions. The centre scored in eight league games and caught the eye at Club Ireland level with a Man of the Match performance in the series decider between Ireland Club XV and Scotland Club XV.

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Banbridge hooker Peter Cromie put together a remarkable run of scoring form to score in eight consecutive games across the second half of the season to finish with nine tries.

Total Points:

1 Rory Stynes (Old Wesley) -112 pts
2 Shane O’Riordan (Highfield) – 102 pts
3 Cormac Fox (City Of Armagh) – 88 pts
4 Steve Crosbie (Old Belvedere) – 79 pts
5 Peter Osborne (Naas) – 78 pts
6 Ruairi Shields (St. Mary’s College) – 62 pts
7 Jack Milligan (Malone) – 57 pts
8 Pa Ryan (Shannon) – 55 pts
9 Adam Doherty (Banbridge) – 50 pts
10 Peter Cromie (Banbridge) – 45 pts
11 Ben Daly (Shannon) – 42 pts
12 Callum Smith (Malone) – 41 pts
13 Billy Gray (Shannon) – 36 pts
T14 Shea O’Brien (City Of Armagh), Colin O’Neill (Highfield) – 35 pts

Top Kickers:

1 Rory Stynes (Old Wesley) 102 pts
2 Shane O’Riordan (Highfield) 97 pts
3 Cormac Fox (City Of Armagh) 83 pts
4 Steve Crosbie (Old Belvedere) 74 pts
5 Peter Osborne (Naas) 63 pts
6 Ruairi Shields (St. Mary’s College) 62 pts
7 Jack Milligan (Malone) 52 pts
8 Adam Doherty (Banbridge) 45 pts
9 Ben Daly (Shannon) 37 pts
10 Billy Gray (Shannon) 36 pts
T11 Colm O’Reilly (Navan), Mick O’Gara (St. Mary’s College) 33 pts
13 Callum Smith (Malone) 31 pts
14 Bruce Houston (Banbridge) 30 pts
15 Tommy Whittle (Old Belvedere)13 pts

Tries Scored:

01 Pa Ryan (Shannon) – 11 Tries
02 Peter Cromie (Banbridge) – 9 Tries
T3 Shea O’Brien (City Of Armagh), Colin O’Neill (Highfield) – 7 Tries
T4 Andrew Willis (City Of Armagh), Ben Murphy (Highfield), Fionn Higgins (Naas), James McKeown (Old Belvedere), Jamie McGarry (Shannon), Hugo Conway (St. Mary’s College) – 6 Tries
T11 Peter Cooper (Malone), Jack Keating (Old Belvedere), Jack Kelly (Old Belvedere), Ben Burns (Old Wesley) – 5 Tries
T15 Stewart Moore (Malone), Matt Stapleton (Naas), Riaan Van De Vyver (Navan), Tommy O’Callaghan (Old Wesley) – 4 Tries

Try Scoring Spread:

Highfield: 17 Try Scorers
Malone:17 Try Scorers
Banbridge: 16 Try Scorers
Old Belvedere: 16 Try Scorers
Shannon: 16 Try Scorers
Old Wesley: 14 Try Scorers
City Of Armagh: 13 Try Scorers
Naas: 13 Try Scorers
St. Mary’s College: 12 Try Scorers
Navan: 11 Try Scorers

Tries Scored By Club:

Highfield: 41 Tries
Shannon: 41 Tries
Banbridge: 37 Tries
Malone: 36 Tries
Old Belvedere: 32 Tries
Old Wesley: 32 Tries
City Of Armagh: 29 Tries
Naas: 29 Tries
St. Mary’s College: 22 Tries
Navan: 19 Tries

Try Scorers By Club:

Banbridge: Peter Cromie – 9
City Of Armagh: Shea O’Brien – 7
Highfield: Colin O’Neill – 7
Malone: Peter Cooper – 5
Naas: Fionn Higgins – 6
Navan: Riaan Van De Vyver – 4
Old Belvedere: James McKeown – 6
Old Wesley: Ben Burns – 5
Shannon: Pa Ryan – 11
St. Mary’s College: Hugo Conway – 6