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Scoring Charts: Energia All-Ireland League Division 1A 2019/20

Scoring Charts: Energia All-Ireland League Division 1A 2019/20

Energia All-Ireland League Division 1A, Aviva Stadium, Dublin 14/2/2020 Lansdowne vs Clontarf Sean Kearns of Clontarf kicks a conversion Mandatory Credit ©INPHO/Brian Reilly-Troy

80 games were played in Division 1A of a truncated Energia All-Ireland League for 2019/20. It may have been cut short, but there were still 354 tries scored and six months of top notch club action to enjoy.

The outright top scorer for that period was Clontarf’s Sean Kearns with 107 points. Kearns operated across the back-three throughout the campaign, scoring three tries and topping the charts narrowly ahead of Young Munster out-half Evan Cusack.

The honour of top try scorer for the season is shared.

Aaron Cairns operated mostly on the wing for Ballynahinch during the season and crossed for eight tries including a hat-trick in a memorable 43-5 win over Lansdowne at Ballymacarn Park.

The other top try scorer is a second row – Cork Constitution were unbeaten before their efforts to retain their AIL title were cut short and it was Brian Hayes that led the scoring for the Munster men with his eight tries.

The top of the kicking charts is also shared. Sean Kearns also features here, but his tally of 92 points is matched by Dublin University’s Michael O’Kennedy.

Dublin University also had more try scorers than anyone else with 22. Lansdowne were also ahead of the curve with 21 different scorers.

Total Points:

01 Sean Kearns (Clontarf) 107 pts

02 Evan Cusack (Young Munster) 104 pts

03 Micheal O’Kennedy (Dublin University 92 pts

04 Sean O’Hagan (Ballynahinch) 85 pts

05 Jamie Heuston (Garryowen) 57 pts

06 Tim Foley (Lansdowne) 51 pts

07 James Tarrant (UCD) 49 pts

08 Gerry Hurley (Cork Constitution) 42 pts

T9 Aaron Cairns (Ballynahinch), Brian Hayes (Cork Constitution) 40 pts
11 James Taylor (UCC) 39 pts

12 Jack Crowley (Cork Constitution) 38 pts

13 Aidan Moynihan (Cork Constitution) 37 pts

14 Craig Ronaldson (Lansdowne) 34 pts

15 James Thornton (Terenure College) 33 pts

16 Ben Healy (Garryowen) 31 pts

T17 Matt D’Arcy (Clontarf), Mark O’Neill (Terenure College), Murray Linn (UCC), Ronan Foley (UCD) 30 pts

21 Eoin Monahan (UCC) 26 pts


Top Kickers:

T1 Sean Kearns (Clontarf), Micheal O’Kennedy (Dublin University) 92 pts

03 Evan Cusack (Young Munster) 89 pts

04 Sean O’Hagan (Ballynahinch) 70 pts

05 Tim Foley (Lansdowne) 46 pts

06 James Tarrant (UCD) 44 pts

07 Jamie Heuston (Garryowen) 42 pts

T8 Gerry Hurley (Cork Constitution),Aidan Moynihan (Cork Constitution) 37 pts

10 James Taylor (UCC) 34 pts

11 Jack Crowley (Cork Constitution) 33 pts

12 James Thornton (Terenure College) 33 pts

13 Ben Healy (Garryowen) 31 pts

14 Mark O’Neill (Terenure College) 30 pts

15 Craig Ronaldson (Lansdowne) 29 pts

16 Eoin Monahan (UCC) 26 pts

17 Gearoid Lyons (Clontarf) 23 pts

18 Bill Johnston (Ballynahinch) 24 pts

T20 James Fennelly (Dublin University), David Moran (UCD) 22 pts

Tries Scored

T1 Aaron Cairns (Ballynahinch), Brian Hayes (Cork Constitution) – 8 Tries

T3 Matt D’Arcy (Clontarf), Murray Linn (UCC), Ronan Foley (UCD) – 6 Tries

T6 Ross Adair (Ballynahinch), Rob Jermyn (Cork Constitution), Bryan Fitzgerald (Garryowen), Colm Quilligan (Garryowen), Sam Dardis (Terenure College), Jack Ringrose (UCD) – 5 Tries

T12 Jack Power (Clontarf), Ronan Quinn (Dublin University), Dan Sheehan (Lansdowne), Peter Sullivan (Lansdowne), Matthew Bowen (UCC), Ryan Murphy (UCC) – 4 Tries

T18 Sean Kearns (Clontarf), Jack Costigan (Cork Constitution), Niall Kenneally (Cork Constitution) JJ O’Neill (Cork Constitution), James Hickey (Dublin University), Colm Hogan (Dublin University), Mark Nicholson (Dublin University), Rob Russell (Dublin University), Bart Vermeulen (Dublin University), Diarmuid Barron (Garryowen), Liam Coombes (Garryowen), Jamie Heuston (Garryowen), Tommy O’Hora (Garryowen), Alex Wootton (Garryowen), Adam Boland (Lansdowne), Adam Leavy (Lansdowne), Sam Coghlan Murray (Terenure College), Caolan Dooley (Terenure College), Rory Suttor (UCC), Andy Marks (UCD), Stephen McVeigh (UCD), David Ryan (UCD), Evan Cusack (Young Munster), Luke Fitzgerald (Young Munster), Jack Harrington (Young Munster), Alan Kennedy (Young Munster), Evan O’Gorman (Young Munster), Jordan Stewart (Young Munster) – 3 Tries

Try Scoring Spread:

Dublin University: 22 Try Scorers

Lansdowne: 21 Try Scorers

Cork Constitution: 20 Try Scorers

Clontarf: 19 Try Scorers

Garryowen: 19 Try Scorers

UCD:19 Try Scorers

Terenure College: 18 Try Scorers

Young Munster: 14 Try Scorers

Ballynahinch: 13 Try Scorers

UCC: 12 Try Scorers

Top Try Scorers By Club:

Ballynahinch: Aaron Cairns – 8 Tries

Clontarf: Matt D’Arcy – 6 Tries

Cork Constitution: Brian Hayes – 8 Tries

Dublin University: Ronan Quinn – 4 Tries

Garryowen: Bryan Fitzgerald & Colm Quilligan – 5 Tries

Lansdowne: Peter Sullivan & Dan Sheehan – 4 Tries

Terenure College: Sam Dardis – 5 Tries

UCC: Murray Linn – 6 Tries