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#ShoulderToShoulder: Tour Diary – Day 10, Heads Up

#ShoulderToShoulder: Tour Diary – Day 10, Heads Up

Finding ways to fill the down time on tour is always a challenge. The lads work hard in the gym, in training and at analysis but they also need some distractions in their day. It could be a shopping trip or an excursion but sometimes it is something very simple.

Day 10 – ‘Heads Up’

Today was another jam-packed day but it was made easier and more fun by an app called ‘Heads Up’ that is taking the squad by storm.

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A simple quiz app that requires one person to hold up the phone while the other acts out the famous name or song or movie or just mimes an action that is displayed.

The day started with media for Les Kiss, Jamie Heaslip, Kieran Marmion, Damien Varley and Iain Henderson at 8am. This means not just radio and written media but slots with Irish Rugby TV and profile photographs with Inpho photographer Billy Stickland or Dan Sheridan who are with us on tour.

This morning there was a training session in San Isidro Rugby Club, about 30 minutes outside the main city.

Then it was time to pack up again for the trip to Tucumán. Once more the advance party headed to the airport to pave the way and even deflate the balls for the flight!

Our liaison officers – Gianluca and Francisco – have been invaluable in helping us negotiate our way around Argentina and also in pitching in to help with the lifting and carrying.

Then it was an evening flight of just under two hours and a bus trip to our new hotel in the city of over a million people.
Johnny Sexton in Tucuman Airport
There’s a nice welcome at the airport from the local tourism board with a brochure and some local fudge handed out.

Whether in the team room, at the airport or on the top of the bus there were groups of the lads playing ‘Heads Up’ all day today.

It has been catching on in the group with Damien Varley and Dave Kilcoyne particularly keen.

As ever with this bunch, things got competitive and it ended with two teams in a winner-takes-all contest as the bus pulled up to the new venue.

The result? Jamie Heaslip and Paul O’Connell’s team won and were served dinner by Rob Kearney and his crew.

No doubt there will be a rematch!

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