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Twickers Trippers

Twickers Trippers

We didn’t get the result we wanted but the Twickers Trippers still managed to make the most of the day and enjoy the Supporters Club charter.

Eveything except the result went to plan! The Twickers Trippers gathered in Dublin Airport on Saturday morning and were all geared up for the day ahead – not a provincial jersey in sight.

Our pliot was definitely in a hurry – there and back again – but it was only when we landed back home in Dublin that night that we discovered his knickname is Schumacher.

Despite one coach driver being Welsh and the other being a “character” we made it to Twickenham in one piece. The last few miles of the drive done at a crawl through Twickenham traffic allowed us to take in the “Boli and Barbour” brigade as they lunched from the back of their various jeeps before the game.

Twickenham scored high on the facilities chart and everyone was delighted with the food and beverages on offer in the West Car Park.

The seating arrangements meant there was a rather large and sometimes vocal enclave of Supporters. The game didn’t go our way but ever gracious in defeat we blamed the referee! Then it was back to the west car park before a short trip to the airport and a planned early departure. All was going well until we discovered that Air Traffic Control in Dublin was on a go slow. Nothing for it but a snooze in the departure lounge before “jetting” back to Dublin care of Schumi the pilot and Aer Arann.

We would like to thank all the members and guests who travelled with us on Saturday and we look forward to the next Supporter Club Away gig!

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