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It’s Eddie’s Job To Pick The Team

It’s Eddie’s Job To Pick The Team

Paul O’Connell answers your questions about the rumours and who should pick the team.

Is it true that Eddie O’Sullivan and Geordan Murphy had a falling out? (Anon)

POC: No they haven’t. Eddie felt that Geordan was not playing well enough to make the team and took a decision based on that. Geordan might not agree and wouldn’t be happy – nor would any of us in those circumstances – but he has just knuckled down and got on with the work. I could understand some of the rumours if Geordan was a confrontational type but he’s not. There’s been no argument.


While Eddie is the boss, surely at this point you must question his decisions on who is on the bench and how he uses it. Will you and the players put pressure on him to make the right choices this week? (Eddie D)

POC: First and foremost you can’t have players picking the team or undermining the coach by suggesting who should or shouldn’t be playing. That would be irresponsible and would serve nop purpose. How could I look a player in the face a few minutes after suggesting to a coach he should be dropped. It’s Eddie job to pick the team. There is always debate regarding this issue and you could make a case for a whole load of candidates but it’s down to the coach.