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SANZAR Support Game’s Central Governance

SANZAR Support Game’s Central Governance

The SANZAR Unions, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia, today confirmed their wholehearted support for the stance taken by the six senior European Unions of the Six Nations on the future of the Game and in particular that its governance should rest with National Unions under the guidance of the International Rugby Board.

SANZAR is concerned about the major global ramifications that would arise from any damage to the structure of the Game in Europe. As a result SANZAR is watching closely the current situation involving the French and English clubs but maintains that competitions should continue to be conducted under the auspices of the National Unions. 

SANZAR supports the continued growth of the European Rugby Cup and would not take any actions that could undermine the competition.  

Like the IRB, SANZAR recognises that professional rugby is not only about the international game and that club, provincial and regional cross-border competitions are an integral and important part of the Rugby calendar and promote, foster and develop the Game.  

However, such competitions have to be played under the governance of National Unions as part of the wider, long term vision for the Game. SANZAR views as paramount the sovereignty of National Unions in the administration of Rugby to ensure its evolution is healthy and robust and that the essential financial platform continues to be built.  

The National Unions are the only bodies set up to govern the Game at all levels, from the community level up, within their respective territories. Any watering down of this position only serves to threaten the strong status of Rugby internationally.

The statement was issued today by Gary Flowers, CEO of SANZAR