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IRFU Tag Shorts Coming Soon!

IRFU Tag Shorts Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!! IRFU Tag Rugby Shorts! IRFU Tag Rugby with Canterbury Sportswear will be available soon to purchase.

These top-quality shorts specially made for IRFU Tag Rugby by Canterbury Sportswear have two velcro patches on each side upon which each ‘Tag’ is attached. They will be available in sizes from a 26″ to a 42″ waist.

To keep the cost to a minimum to you, the player, these Tag Shorts you purchase will be available for collection from your host IRFU Tag Rugby Venue at the season’s start so there will be no carriage costs involved.

Each pair will cost €15.00 and there will be a special rate for team purchases (12 pairs). Details to follow when our new Webshop is launched very soon.