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AIB League Division Three Fixtures 2003/2004.

AIB League Division Three Fixtures 2003/2004.

Newcomers to the AIB League, Ards will open their account in Galway on October 25th when they take on Corinthians.

AlB League Division Three.

Saturday 25th October 2003.
Ballina v Connemara; Banbridge v Greystones; City of Derry v Skerries; Clonakilty v Old Wesley; Corinthians v Ards; Instonians v Suttonians; Naas v Highfield; Portadown v Queens University.
Wanderers – Free.

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Saturday 1st November.
Ards v Naas; Greystones v Ballina; Highfield v Banbridge; Old Wesley v Portadown; Queens University v City of Derry; Skerries v Instonians; Suttonians v Corinthians; Wanderers v Clonakilty.
Connemara – Free.

Saturday 8th November.
Ballina v Highfield; Banbridge v Ards; City of Derry v Old Wesley; Connemara v Greystones; Corinthians v Skerries; Instonians v Queens University; Naas v Suttonians; Portadown v Wanderers.
Clonakilty – Free.

Saturday 15th November.
Ards v Ballina; Clonakilty v Portadown; Highfield v Connemara; Old Wesley v Instonians; Queens University v Corinthians; Skerries v Naas; Suttonians v Banbridge; Wanderers v City of Derry.
Greystones – Free.

Saturday 29th November.
Ballina v Suttonians; Banbridge v Skerries; City of Derry v Clonakilty; Connemara v Ards; Corinthians v Old Wesley; Greystones v Highfield; Instonians v Wanderers; Naas v Queens University.
Portadown – Free.

Saturday 6th December.
Ards v Greystones; Clonakilty v Instonians; Portadown v City of Derry; Queens University v Banbridge; Skerries v Ballina; Suttonians v Connemara; Wanderers v Corinthians.
Highfield – Free.

Sunday 7th December.
Old Wesley v Naas.

Saturday 13th December.
Ballina v Queens University; Banbridge v Old Wesley; Connemara v Skerries; Corinthians v Clonakilty; Highfield v Ards; Instonians v Portadown; Greystones v Suttonians; Naas v Wanderers.
City of Derry – Free.

Saturday 3rd January.
City of Derry v Instonians; Clonakilty v Naas; Old Wesley v Ballina; Portadown v Corinthians; Queens University v Connemara; Skerries v Greystones; Suttonians v Highfield; Wanderers v Banbridge.
Ards – Free.

Sturday 10th January.
Ards v Suttonians; Ballina v Wanderers; Banbridge v Clonakilty; Connemara v Old Wesley; Corinthians v City of Derry; Greystones v Queens University; Highfield v Skerries; Naas v Portadown.
Instonians – Free.

Saturday 17th January.
City of Derry v Naas; Clonakilty v Ballina; Instonians v Corinthians; Old Wesley v Greystones; Portadown v Banbridge; Queens University v Highfield; Skerries v Ards; Wanderers v Connemara.
Suttonians – Free.

Saturday 24th January.
Ards v Queens University; Ballina v Portadown; Banbridge v City of Derry; Connemara v Clonakilty; Greystones v Wanderers; Highfield v Old Wesley; Naas v Instonians; Suttonians v Skerries.
Corinthians – Free.

Saturday 31st January.
Wanderers v Highfield.

Saturday 7th February.
City of Derry v Ballina; Clonakilty v Greystones; Corinthians v Naas; Instonians v Banbridge; Old Wesley v Ards; Portadown v Connemara; Queens University v Suttonians.
Skerries – Free.

Saturday 28th February.
Ards v Wanderers; Ballina v Instonians; Banbridge v Corinthians; Connemara v City of Derry; Greystones v Portadown; Highfield v Clonakilty; Skerries v Queens University; Suttonians v Old Wesley.
Naas – Free.

Saturday 13th March.
City of Derry v Greystones; Clonakilty v Ards; Corinthians v Ballina; Instonians v Connemara; Naas v Banbridge; Old Wesley v Skerries; Portadown v Highfield; Wanderersv Suttonians.
Queens – Free.

Saturday 3rd Apr.
Ards v Portadown; Ballina v Naas; Connemara v Corinthians; Greystones v Instonians; Highfield v City of Derry; Queens v Old Wesley; Skerries v Wanderers; Suttonians v Clonakilty.
Banbridge – Free.

Saturday 10th April.
Banbridge v Ballina; City of Derry v Ards; Clonakilty v Skerries; Corinthians v Greystones; Instonians v Highfield; Naas v Connemara; Portadown v Suttonians; Wanderers v Queens.
Old Wesley – Free.

Saturday 17th April.
Ards v Instonians; Connemara v Banbridge; Greystonesv Naas; Highfield v Corinthians; Old Wesley v Wanderers; Queens v Clonakilty; Skerries v Portadown; Suttonians v City of Derry.
Ballina – Free.