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AIB League Fixtures 2003/2004

AIB League Fixtures 2003/2004

Recently crowned AIB League Division One champions Ballymena will begin the defence of their crown at home against U.C.D. on Saturday 25th

Recently crowned AIB League Division One champions Ballymena will begin the defence of their crown at home against U.C.D. on Saturday 25th

Clontarf, who were defeated in the title decider in Lansdowne Road in May, will also begin their campaign at home when they face Galwegians.

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Other fixtures on the opening day will see Buccaneers, beaten by Clontarf at
the semi final stage last season, playing Belfast Harlequins at home. The other losing semi finalists, Lansdowne, will play Shannon away in
Thomond Park. Newly promoted Dolphin will play their first game away to Co. Carlow.

Division One -Saturday 25th October.
Ballymena v U.C.D.; Buccaneers v Belfast Harlequins; Clontarf v Galwegians; Cork Constitution v Dungannon; Co. Carlow v Dolphin; Shannon v Lansdowne; St. Mary’s College v Garryowen; Blackrock College – Free.

Saturday 1st November
Belfast Harlequins v Cork Constitution; Blackrock College v Co. Carlow; Dolphin v St. Mary’s College; Dungannon v Shannon; Galwegians v Ballymena; Garryowen v Clontarf; U.C.D. v Buccaneers; Lansdowne – Free.

Saturday 8th November.
Ballymena v Garryowen; Buccaneers v Galwegians; Clontarf v Dolphin; Cork Constitution v U.C.D.; Lansdowne v Dungannon; Shannon v Belfast Harlequins; St. Mary’s College v Blackrock College; Co. Carlow – Free.

Saturday 15th November.

Belfast Harlequins v Lansdowne; Blackrock College v Clontarf; Co. Carlow v St. Mary’s College; Dolphin v Ballymena; Galwegians v Cork Constitution; Garryowen v Buccaneers; U.C.D. v Shannon; Dungannon – Free.

Saturday 29th November.
Ballymena v Blackrock College; Buccaneers v Dolphin; Clontarf v Co. Carlow; Cork Constitution v Garryowen; Dungannon v Belfast Harlequins; Lansdowne v U.C.D.; Shannon v Galwegians; St. Mary’s College – Free.

Saturday 6th December
Blackrock College v Buccaneers; Co. Carlow v Ballymena; Dolphin v Cork Constitution; Galwegians v Lansdowne; Garryowen v Shannon; St. Mary’s Collegev Clontarf; U.C.D. v Dungannon;
Belfast Harlequins – Free.

Saturday 13th December.
Ballymena v St. Mary’s College; Belfast Harlequins v U.C.D.; Buccaneers v Co. Carlow; Cork Constitution v Blackrock College; Dungannon v Galwegians; Lansdowne v Garryowen; Shannon v Dolphin; Clontarf – Free.

Saturday 3rd January
Blackrock College v Shannon; Clontarf v Ballymena; Co. Carlow v Cork Constitution; Dolphin v Lansdowne; Galwegians v Belfast Harlequins; Garryowen v Dungannon; St. Mary’s College v Buccaneers; U.C.D. – Free.

Saturday 10th January.
Lansdowne v Blackrock College.

Saturday 17th January.
Belfast Harlequins v Garryowen; Buccaneers v Clontarf; Cork Constitution v St. Mary’s College; Dungannon v Dolphin; Shannon v Co. Carlow; U.C.D. v Galwegians; Ballymena – Free.

Saturday 24th January.
Buccaneers v Ballymena; Blackrock College v Dungannon; Clontarf v Cork Constitution; Co. Carlow v Lansdowne; Dolphin v Belfast Harlequins; Garryowen v U.C.D.;
St. Mary’s College v Shannon; Galwegians – Free.

Saturday 7th February.
Belfast Harlequins v Blackrock College; Ballymena v Cork Constitution; Dungannon v Co. Carlow; Galwegians v Garryowen; Lansdowne v St. Mary’s College; Clontarf v Shannon; U.C.D. v Dolphin; Bucaneers – Free.

Saturday 28th February.
Shannon v Ballymena; Blackrock College v U.C.D.; Cork Constitution v Buccaneers; Lansdowne v Clontarf; Co. Carlow v Belfast Harlequins; Dolphin v Galwegians; St. Mary’s College v Dungannon; Garryowen – Free.

Saturday 13th March.
Belfast Harlequins v St. Mary’s College; Dungannon v Clontarf; Galwegians v Blackrock College; Garryowen v Dolphin; Ballymena v Lansdowne; Shannon v Buccaneers; U.C.D. v Co. Carlow; Cork Constitution – Free.

Saturday 3rd April.
Ballymena v Dungannon; Blackrock College v Garryowen; Buccaneers v Lansdowne; Clontarf v Belfast Harlequins; Cork Constitution v Shannon; Co. Carlow v Galwegians; St. Mary’s College v U.C.D.; Dolphin – Free.

Saturday 17th April
Belfast Harlequins v Ballymena; Dolphin v Blackrock College; Dungannon v Buccaneers; Galwegians v St. Mary’s College; Garryowen v Co. Carlow; Lansdowne v Cork Constitution; U.C.D. v Clontarf; Shannon – Free.

In Division Two, Terenure College who were relegated from Division One will open their account next season with home advantage against Young Munster. The side who were relegated with them, UL Bohemians will make the trip to Dublin for a game with Trinity while Waterpark who won promotion from Division Three, will entertain Thomond at Ballinakill.

Saturday 25th October.
Barnhall v Bective Rangers; Dublin University v U.L. Bohemians; D.L.S.P. v Old Belvedere; Midleton v Ballynahinch; Old Crescent v Malone; Sunday’s Well v U.C.C.; Terenure College v Young Munster; Waterpark v Thomond.

Saturday 1st November.
Ballynahinch v Waterpark; Malone v Sunday’s Well; Old Belvedere v Dublin University; Thomond v Barnhall; U.C.C. v D.L.S.P.; U.L. Bohemiansv Old Crescent; Young Munster v Midleton.

Sunday 2nd November
Bective Rangers v Terenure College.

Saturday 8th November.
Barnhall v Young Munster; Dublin University v Old Crescent; D.L.S.P.v U.L. Bohemians; Sunday’s Well v Old Belvedere; Terenure College v Midleton; Thomondv Ballynahinch; U.C.C. v Malone; Waterpark v Bective Rangers.

Saturday 15th November.
Ballynahinch v Terenure College; Malone v Dublin University; Midleton v Barnhall; Old Belvedere v U.C.C.; Old Crescent v D.L.S.P.; U.L. Bohemians v Sunday’s Well; Young Munster v Waterpark.

Sunday 16th November.
Bective Rangers v Thomond.

Saturday 29th November.
Barnhall v Old Crescent; Dublin University v Ballynahinch; D.L.S.P. v Midleton; Sunday’s Well v Young Munster; Terenure College v Malone; Thomond v Old Belvedere; U.C.C. v Bective Rangers; Waterpark v U.L. Bohemians.

Saturday 6th December.
Ballynahinch v U.C.C.; Bective Rangers v Sunday’s Well; Malone v Thomond; Midleton v Dublin University; Old Belvedere v Waterpark; Old Crescent v Terenure College; U.L. Bohemian v Barnhall; Young Munster v D.L.S.P.

Saturday 13th December.
Ballynahinch v D.L.S.P.; Bective Rangers v U.L. Bohemians; Malone v Barnhall; Old Belvedere v Young Munster; Sunday’s Well v Terenure College; Thomond v Old Crescent; U.C.C. v Midleton; Waterpark v Dublin University

Saturday 3rd January.
Barnhall v Sunday’s Well; Dublin University v Thomond; DLSP v Waterpark; Midleton v Old Belvedere; Old Crescent v Bective Rangers; Terenure College v UCC; UL Bohemian v Ballynahinch; Young Munster v Malone.

Saturday 10th January.
Bective Rangers v Midleton.

Saturday 17th Jan.
Ballynahinch v Young Munster; Malone v UL Bohemian; Old Belvedere v Old Crescent; Sunday’s Well v DLSP; Thomond v Terenure College; UCC v Dublin University; Waterpark v Barnhall.

Saturday 24th January.
Ballynahinch v Old Crescent; Bective Rangers v Old Belvedere; DLSP v Barnhall; Malone v Midleton; Thomond v Sunday’s Well; UCC v Waterpark; UL Bohemian v Terenure College; Young Munster v Dublin University.

Saturday 7th February.
Barnhall v UCC; Dublin University v Bective Rangers; DLSP v Thomond; Midleton v UL Bohemian; Old Crescent v Young Munster; Sunday’s Well v Ballynahinch; Terenure College v Old Belvedere; Waterpark v Malone.

Saturday 28th February.
Bective Rangers v Ballynahinch; Dublin University v DLSP; Midleton v Waterpark; Old Belvedere v Malone; Old Crescent v Sunday’s Well; Terenure College v Barnhall; Young Munster v Thomond.

Sunday 29th
UL Bohemians v UCC.

Saturday 13th

Ballynahinch v Old Belvedere; Barnhall v Dublin University; DLSP v Terenure College; Malone v Bective Rangers; Sunday’s Well v Midleton; Thomond v UL Bohemian; UCC v Young Munster; Waterpark v Old Crescent.

Saturday 3rd April.
Ballynahinch v Malone; Bective Rangers v DLSP; Midleton v Old Crescent; Old Belvedere v Barnhall; Sunday’s Well v Waterpark; Terenure College v Dublin University; Thomond v UCC; Young Munster v UL Bohemian.

Saturday 17th April. Barnhall v Ballynahinch; Dublin University v Sunday’s Well; DLSP v Malone; Midleton v Thomond; Old Crescent v UCC; Terenure College v Waterpark; UL Bohemian v Old Belvedere; Young Munster v Bective Rangers.

AlB League Division Three.

Saturday 25th October 2003.
Ballina v Connemara; Banbridge v Greystones; City of Derry v Skerries; Clonakilty v Old Wesley; Corinthians v Ards; Instonians v Suttonians; Naas v Highfield; Portadown v Queens University.
Wanderers – Free.

Saturday 1st November.
Ards v Naas; Greystones v Ballina; Highfield v Banbridge; Old Wesley v Portadown; Queens University v City of Derry; Skerries v Instonians; Suttonians v Corinthians; Wanderers v Clonakilty.
Connemara – Free.

Saturday 8th November.
Ballina v Highfield; Banbridge v Ards; City of Derry v Old Wesley; Connemara v Greystones; Corinthians v Skerries; Instonians v Queens University; Naas v Suttonians; Portadown v Wanderers.
Clonakilty – Free.

Saturday 15th November.
Ards v Ballina; Clonakilty v Portadown; Highfield v Connemara; Old Wesley v Instonians; Queens University v Corinthians; Skerries v Naas; Suttonians v Banbridge; Wanderers v City of Derry.
Greystones – Free.

Saturday 29th November.
Ballina v Suttonians; Banbridge v Skerries; City of Derry v Clonakilty; Connemara v Ards; Corinthians v Old Wesley; Greystones v Highfield; Instonians v Wanderers; Naas v Queens University