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Munsters Day of Reckoning

Munsters Day of Reckoning

25/05/2002 15.00 Millenium Stadium :The day has finally arrived and with bated breath the nation waits to see is Munster can lay to rest those demons of Twickenham in 2000.

This game will mark Declan Kidneys, Niall O’Donovans and Peter Clohessys swansong from the hotbed that is Munster Rugby, and no more fitting a finale to their illustrous careers than victory today.

This game will see a clash of the finest from Ireland and England, and has been referred to as the match of the Millenium on more than a couple of occasions and what could be more fitting a stadium to play this game in than the Millenium.

This Heineken Cup Final sees the ultimate clash of the titans, the best in Irish and English Rugby.
Statistics tell us that both teams are practically the same, both are champion sides, and in terms of their European performance, Munster have won 13 out of their last 16 games. Leicesters record proving to be just a superb, with 15 wins out of their last 17 games, and a title to boot.

This game has all the hallmarks to be the most engrossing game of the European Cup tournament. Sentiment states that Munster have to, should, will win. Reality is however an altogether different ball game, and as mere mortals with bated breath, there is only one thing left to do now, and that is wait and see. Eighty minutes is a long time. Perhaps it will end Munsters longing for the title of European Champions, perhaps not.