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General view of a IRFU flag 27/8/2011

Diversity of opinion and culture means working together to be a vibrant, respectful organisation.

Rugby can be a sport of choice for all, it transcends barriers and difference of race, gender, religion and sexual orientation.

Players that have a positive lifelong experience of the game can remain within the Irish Rugby family throughout their lives, fulfilling roles that enable them to be best version of themselves.

The IRFU wishes to ensure that as many people as is safe and practicable get an opportunity to play and participate in rugby irrespective of gender identity, however, this must be balanced with our responsibility to regulate the participation of all players in both training and competition in a safe and equitable environment.

Being An Ally

Today, there are more LGBTQ+ athletes than before competing openly as their true selves. However, for every success story, there are LGBTQ+ people who are forced to abandon their love of sport due to a bad experience.

Everyone deserves the chance to participate in sport and experience the positive things that sport can offer, be it as a fan, a player, or a coach or volunteer. LGBTQ+ inclusion has no off-season and is more than 1-month a year, so have a look at our 10 tips for being an ally to LGBTQ+ people in rugby

Top Tips To Being An Ally

IRFU Transgender Guidance

As the game is physical, strength, stamina and physique can have an impact on safety, the inclusion of transgender and nonbinary players requires guidance to ensure that a player’s declared gender is balanced with the safety of all players.

In line with World Rugby guidance, the IRFU has updated its Gender Participation Policy, to ensure fair competition across all categories of rugby, insofar as possible. Some restrictions on participation are necessary and proportionate to achieve a safe and equitable environment.

These restrictions will depend on a combination of factors including the category of rugby that is to be participated in, the player’s biological sex and the level of competency to participate in the chosen category of rugby.

The IRFU, in conjunction with World Rugby, Sport Ireland, Sport NI and other organisations will continually monitor and review this policy in accordance with the most up-to-date research, recommendations and advice.

IRFU Gender Participation Policy

IRFU Gender Participation Policy FAQs

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